Free Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – 2 Ways to Know They Are Legit (By Luthando)

When it comes to free legitimate work at home jobs, finding them can oftentimes be tough. Most of the time when people search for work at home opportunities online, they typically run into various informational products or other business opportunities that show them how to make money online. While this can be great for some, it doesn’t help most job seekers who are looking to be employees, rather than run their own business.

A lot of business opportunities online usually ask for a free. Or, there are various job listing sites that ask for a fee to access their database of listings. No one should have to pay to apply for a job, hence why you’re on the lookout for free legitimate work at home jobs.

There are tons of online jobs out there, but you need to know where to find them. By doing some research online and at various online employment websites and other job listing websites, you can start to uncover different work at home jobs. Once you find a few that you’re interested in applying for, you need to dig deeper to see if they are legitimate.

Here are 2 ways to know whether or not an online job is legit:

They Have a Website and Contact Information

Most companies looking to hire someone to work from home will usually have either a website, contact information or both. If the only contact information you find is an e-mail, it’s probably a safe bet that they are not legit. You want someone you can get in touch with on the phone, not just through e-mail. Also, if a company is interested in hiring you, they will want to speak with you live.

They Don’t Ask for a Fee

Some jobs may require various fees. Only a few companies I personally know of that are legit have a fee to get started (usually for certain tests that you may have to take in order to qualify for a position). If you ever run into a company or website that asks for a fee to either access their job listings or for other various things, such as a background check, don’t bother. Most of the time, these companies will ask for your money and you’ll never hear from them again. Or, in the case of job listing websites, the listings that they offer are either outdated or not worth your time.

Follow these 2 rules when applying for work at home jobs and you will easily be able to weed out the real from the fake. And, you may just find the work at home opportunity of your dreams!


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