How to Make Money Online With Article Marketing (By Luthando)

Article marketing has been built for several years now and has been used by all the big time Internet marketing professionals. Because of the many affiliate programs online there is an endless limit on ways you can make money online promoting their products. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to be an expert in any subject, all you need is to be able to type and write in English.

The way to make money online with article marketing is pretty simple in theory. All you need is a affiliate product with a sales page to direct all your articles to. One of the more popular places to find affiliate programs is Clickbank which offers electronic products. From video course to ebooks you can find around ten thousand different products to promote. Some allowing you to get up to a 75 percent commission. So all one needs to do is to sign up with Clickbank and establish and account with them and search the marketplace for good products that have good affiliate programs. You want to evaluate their pitch page so that even you would want to buy it. If it doesn’t have a good sales page then your probably not going to do to well driving traffic there. Another thing to look for is if they have an affiliate package that provides ecovers and graphics that allow you to use them on your sales page. Another thing that is nice to have is keywords already selected that are good.

Once you have found a good product that you think will have a good sales ratio you need to create a blog on blogger or wordpress. Because it is free for both of these you will not have any upfront costs. With that being said their are people out there making money online without even using their own websites or having a hosting service. I would recommend that you use WordPress because I think that it is SEO friendly but Blogger rates well also. Once you setup your blog you want to make sure the URL relates to your product that your tying to sell. And then you are going to want to search for a theme that will go well with the product that you are promoting and upload it to your site.

After you find your theme and get everything setup the way you like it you need to add content to the site. If you found a good affiliate program you should have some good graphics to promote with your reviews on your site. What I like to do is write several reviews with related products giving them an rating of like 1/10 scheme. With the five or so products that your reviewing your going to want to give one an OK review then a couple with a moderate review and then the product your trying to sell you need to make it look like its the best of the best. The idea is that you want to make it look like a legit review site and not to downgrade all the other products and just give the one your promoting a thumbs up. Since people are looking for answers to something or a fix you need to make sure in your review that you list the benefits that they will have by buying this product. Also don’t forget to link yourself to the other products just in case for some reason they buy those too.

Now once you have a nice sales page set up through your free blog your going to want to drive traffic to that site. This is where you need to do some keyword research that will help you target long tailed keywords. If you can I would also do this for your review articles to help you get organic traffic. Your going to be looking for keywords that have a good search amount but not a lot of competition. You can Google seotools and you will find a good tool for researching your keywords. Now with those keywords that you have found your going to start writing articles to drive traffic.

The idea with the articles is to make them keyword rich so that you can rank high in Google with the terms you selected. This allows you to get a good amount of traffic that is targeted to your site. Remember your wanting to have people looking to solve their problem or provide a product for them. So basically your looking for buyers. Now if you don’t know the subject all you have to do is Google the keywords you have and read the articles or posts on the sites that are already established and just put an article together from what you find. Now this takes the most time but your going to want to write at least 30 to 50 articles that are around 250 to 500 words long. And remember your trying to get them to follow through to your site so that you can make a sale. With that being said you don’t want the article to long so that they don’t get bored and move on. You also don’t want to give them all the answers so that they will want to continue on to your site to find them. After doing all of this you just start over and do it with another product and keep it going. Before you know it you will be making a few thousand or more a month with about 2 to 3 hours of work a day. Cant beat that!

So as you can see making money online with article marketing is accessible even to the newbie. With a little bit of work and time you can make and online income. For further information you can check out my blog and learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make money online.


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