How to Win the DC Daily 6 – Your Ultimate Guide (By Luthando)

Everyone dreams of a happy future – one of happiness among the family in their very own home. For some it means to be able to travel and see places they have never been to before, and for others, it simply means a debt free life. This is why fortune promising lottery games such as the DC Daily 6 have become so popular; it costs so little to join and can give so much in return.

Getting a chance to win the DC Daily 6’s two hundred and fifty thousand dollar jackpot is easy; one must first be able to come up with a six digit combination one can pick out comprising of the numbers one through thirty-nine. There is no scientific routine for determining the combination; it can be of any choice a player wishes to have, it can be from superstition, cultural beliefs, significant dates or simply random thoughts for it to become their lucky combination.

In the event that an individual cannot make up his mind on the combination, he can opt to use the quick pick feature where a random set of numbers will be automatically generated by the computer. He must carefully mark the play slips with a pencil or a pen so long as the ink is not red and present it to the authorized representative for encoding. After paying the $1.00 fee for joining the DC Daily 6 game, the retailer will then hand over the game ticket for the player to inspect diligently before they leave the counter. By giving the valid ticket a quick look to see if everything has been encoded appropriately, this will ensure that there will be no discrepancies should an individual get to choose the winning combination. Upon confirmation, the player must instantly sign the back portion of the ticket for security.

The DC Daily 6 draws are held daily at around 8:15 in the evening. The $250,000 jackpot prize will keep accumulating in the event that there are no winners for their draws until such time the pot reaches the 1 million dollar prize cap. Any individual who gets to win the 1 million jackpot prize will be paid in pari-mutuel basis. Should there be multiple winners of five or more for the prize cap, it shall be divided equally among the valid winners.

There are more than one ways to win in this game. Should one be able to get 3 numbers out of the 6 drawn, he will instantly get $2, $5 for the same numbers plus the matching bonus ball. A four digit match will get one ten dollars and two hundred and fifty dollars for the same matching numbers plus the bonus ball. A five hundred dollar prize will be awarded to those who can get a 5-digit match out of the 6-digit winning combination and should they get the same matches and the bonus ball, they will instantly get a whopping five thousand dollar prize. Although one must be aware that they need to be at least 18 years of age for them to be able to join the game.


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