5 Easy Fuel Saving Tips – What Are Effective Ways to Save More Fuel? (By Luthando)

With skyrocketing fuel prices, most drivers are ever eager to find ways to make their cars more fuel efficient and save as much money as possible. How can this be done? Let’s review some of the fuel saving tips.

1 – Inflate Tires Properly – We probably never think about inflating our car tires unless it goes flat. But, we have to know that inflated tires can save certain amount of fuel. So what are we waiting for? Make sure to check our tires regularly.

2 – Avoid the peak hour – Unless it is absolutely necessary, plan our trips so we do not need to drive during the rush hour and end up using more fuel by being stuck in a jam, some of the peak hours are before and during office hours.

3 – Turn off our car – Stuck in a stagnant jam? If we are going to stop for over 10 minutes, then it is better to switch off our car and saving the fuel otherwise burned.

4 – Do not overuse the brake – Oftentimes, drivers utilise the brake more than it is necessary. Many drivers also slow down and braking when they can easily switch lanes instead. Reducing the usage of brakes can increase fuel efficiency up to 30%!

5 – Plan the journey carefully – Cutting down on driving time is the best way to conserve fuel. By planning well, we can combine all our short trips into one single journey. With the minimum fuel consumptions, we can then plan ahead for another joyful trips with family and friends.

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