5 Unusual and Downright Weird Scholarships (By Luthando)

Academic awards and scholarships are not just for the super intelligent and athletic anymore; now all you just have to be is left-handed and you qualify. If you have the right last name, characteristic, or niche interest, you could just cash in on a weird scholarship. Therefore, before you decide to give up on the idea of getting your own scholarship; take a look at 5 of the weirdest scholarships out there. With scholarships as peculiar as these, you may be eligible for more college funding than you ever imagined.

1. The Scholarship for Little People in America

Variously known as the LPA, Little People of America offers LPA scholarships to its members. The LPA association is a non-profit organization that provides support and information to those who are of short stature together with their loved ones. Membership is offered to those who are four feet ten inches or less, with the scholarship deadline being April 1.

Founded by Billy Barty who starred in Willow and Rumplestiltskin and was only 3’9”, the LPA also sponsors scholarships for eligible college students who have been diagnosed with dwarfism.

2. The Seussville College Scholarship

Random House, which publishes Dr. Seuss literary works sponsors an annual $5,000 essay competition that targets high school seniors aged 21 or under. Essays must be written in English, original, typed, double-spaced, be at least 12 point type, one page, and not more than 500 words. Also essays must respond to the essay question presented fully, and be submitted by February 15.

3. Do It Yourself with Wool national competition

This national wool competition awards $1,000 and $2,000 scholarships to those who can knit wool garments/items. Winners are chosen based on the coordination of yarn/fabric with garment design and style, the appropriateness in regards to the contestant’s lifestyle, creativity, and the contestant’s presentation.

4. Zolp Scholarships

Zolp Scholarships are restricted to students of Loyola University whose last name is Zolp and are Catholic. The student’s last name should appear on their confirmation and birth certificate upon which he/she is provided with full tuition for the entirety of his studies. Other scholarships that are offered to students with specific last names include:

· Gatling at the North Carolina State University where the John Gatling Fund provides scholarships to students born with the surname Gatlin or Gatling. The grant provides up to $18,000 for out-of-state students and $9,000 for in-state students.

· Scarpinato at the Texas A&M University where scholarships pay the full attendance cost at the University for anyone with the last name Scarpinato by marriage or birth.

· Harvard University also has several scholarships that are based on the student’s last name, including Bright, Downer, Thayer, Hudson, and Baxendale.

· Van Valkenburg scholarship awards $1,000 to any descendant (by legal adoption or birth of Annetje and Lambert Van Valkenburg who emigrated to America in 1643. Variations in this surname are acceptable including Van Velkinburgh, Van Falkenburg, and Van Volkinburg.

5. Tall Clubs International Scholarships

Tall Clubs International offers $1,000 scholarships for tall people through the Sumner Einfeldt Scholarship with individual chapters offering local awards. Men who are over 6’2” and women who are above 5’10” in height are considered for the award. In addition, candidates must be over the age of 21 and be prepared to attend university in the fall.

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