How To Make Real Money At Home (By Luthando)

Tell me frankly, have you ever thought of working at home and fire your boss? I am sure you do. But what should you do to achieve this goal? There are so many “opportunities” online, promising to let you earn great money. The sad truth is, many of them are just pure scams. But wait! I never say ALL are scams. There are indeed real legitimate online businesses that allow you to make real money at home.

Two of the best methods of earning extra bucks working from home are:

#1: Internet Network Marketing

#2: Affiliate marketing.

Of course, there are other methods such as selling on eBay or drop shipping. But they are not as easy to get started. The reason? Simple. Internet networking marketing and affiliate marketing do not require you to have your own products to start the business! You can jump in straight away and profit from it very quickly if you do it the correct way.

Basically, in affiliate marketing, you sell other people’s products and get certain percentage of commissions. The products can be either physical or digital. Digital products often have higher commissions, ranging from 50%-75%. You will have your own affiliate links and all you need to do is to pre-sell. Drive potential customers to the merchants’ site through your links. If they buy any product, you get commissions. Simple as that!

Internet networking marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing too. You sell products or services through the internet and get certain percentage of commissions too. But internet network marketing use the highly successful model of network marketing. You build your network of sales people, which you call them your downlines. Whatever sales they made, you get a cut of it too! You can earn residual income every month from internet network marketing business. Very powerful indeed.

Both are great methods to generate income online. The only major difference is that, internet network marketing allows you to earn residual income in the long run. But having said that, affiliate marketing is still the simplest, fastest and least expensive way to start an online business.

I prefer the long run method to make real money working at home. What is yours? You decide…


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