Selling Domain Names For Profit (By Luthando)

Today’s article is about buying and reselling domain names for profit. Buying a domain and reselling it can put lots of profit in your pocket if you do things right.

First you need to know what domain names sell the best. Then you have to know that a small domain name is worth a lot more than a long domain name. For example; would be worth more than For the simple reason of, a small domain name is easier to type in to an address bar. Yes, having a small domain means a lot to a person interested in buying the domain from you.

Then you have to learn about page rank and SEO. Page rank is an important factor when buying or selling a domain name. If the website already has lots of visitors, it will have a higher page rank, thus making it worth more money.

SEO is important; if the domain name can already be found on search engines, it will tend to be worth more money. Some people will buy a good domain name for a cheap price because it has low page rank or low SEO. Then they will advertise the crap out of the domain to make the page rank higher. Then they can sell the domain for a lot more money, making more profit in the long run.

Selling domain names can be very profitable. In fact, some people making a living from buying and reselling domain names. Here is what an average domain seller would do to make money. There are two ways to make money from selling domain names.

The first way is from buying a good domain name and reselling it quick for immediate profit. Let’s say, you buy for $100.00. That’s only 4 letters long and right off the bat would be worth money to someone for being a short domain name. This domain name is probably already receiving traffic, so it has very good money making potential to an owner of the domain.

The seller could potentially sell this domain for $500.00 or more for a fast sale and $400.00 profit. There are domain cost estimators you could use to find what you should sell the domain for.

I use a website called to find out what a domain is worth. On dnScoop they say is worth $471.00 if you were to resell it. So buying it for $100.00 would be a good profit if you wanted to buy then resell it quickly.

The second way a person would make money from buying then reselling a domain name is; to hold on to it for a while before they sell it. They would advertise and market the website domain in the time they own it. Then after advertising and marketing the website for a while (a period of 3 months to a year), they will drive page rank, SEO, and more visitors.

Driving page rank and SEO will make the domain worth more money than at the time they bought the domain. It will be worth more money because the website will have a steady flow of traffic going to it. Then the domain owner could resell it for a substantial amount of money compared to if they sold it right away.

There are two places I would recommend buying domains for profit. and are the best places you can buy available domain names for a good price. You could try and resell them on the same websites you bought them from also.

Or you could resell them in related forums or social marketplace groups. Lots of people will sell, say, a business domain and then sell it in a business related forum. Or they would resell it in a social marketplace group related to business.

You have to be smart if you are going to try buying and reselling domain names. Don’t just buy a bunch a domain names because they sound good. Do some research to find out if they are worth money or could be worth money.

You could also buy what we call potential domain names. For example, the person that bought the domain; or probably made a good profit for themselves. They bought the domain long before the president got elected. Then they held on to it and waited for the results. After Mr. Obama got elected as president they probably got offers from all over to sell the domain. Now the $100.00 domain turned in to thousands of dollars profit.

So the answer is YES! You can make really good money if you want to buy and resell domain names. There are lots of strategies out there. It takes a little research, a little experience, and a little bit of a gamble. But in the long run, buying and reselling domain names can be a very profitable business.


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