Tips on Making Money Online Even Without a Personal Website (By Luthando)

Did you know that there are ways of making money online even without a personal website? Aside from having to spend money, you also need the know how to set up the site. But, there is a no cost and low learning curve way of making money online.

This can be simply with Google AdSense for which your own website is not necessary. You can do this with which one of the most popular of blogging sites.

What originally started off as a web blog and became known as blog has grown tremendously from what it started off as. There are lots of different kinds of blogs. Some are like a cyberjournal where the owner makes regular entries. Or it can be like a newsletter used to communicate with other people.

The topics of blogs can be pretty much anything, as long as it adheres to Google guidelines. If not, they can shut down your blog. So, make sure you adhere to the guidelines.

Once you have the blog set up, you can apply to Google AdSense. Once approved, you can then insert your Google ads. The ads will reflect the topic of your blog, so that visitors who are interested in the ads showing up may click them, resulting in your earning AdSense income.

Write interesting content every day. Having more than one site helps as that increases the possibility of getting more clicks.

Set up AdSense channels to monitor the statistics across the sites. This will show you which are not performing well. You can then consider changing the layout options and also the content to see if you can improve it. You need to experiment to see what works.

There will be some that don’t work out as well as you thought it would. Don’t get hung up over it. This can happen to anyone.

There is another important step without which there will be no one to click on the ads. This is generating traffic to your blog.

Here are a couple of ways to do this. A simple way can be to include the URL in your email signature. People interested in the subject may click through. You can also comments on other people’s blogs. Make sure that these are relevant comments. There are many other techniques on traffic generation.


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