How to Earn Money Online From Blogging (By Luthando)

Web logs, or simply known as “blogs” were originally introduced to the web space for providing people a platform whereupon they could share their opinions on particular subjects with other like minded people. However, with the passage of time, the scene has undergone massive changes with more and more people trying desperately to commercialise their blogs for earning a little extra cash. But is it really possible to make money from blogging? The answer would be simply- yes! It is, indeed, very much possible with many already walking down that road with big grins in their faces. However, if you are assuming that using your blog to earn tons of cashes will be just a walk in the park, you might need to change your perception sooner or later as the purpose needs some serious dedication.

For those, who are seriously considering about going ahead with their plans to make money from blogging, here are three most basic, but must-have strategies:

Quality Content: What really matters the most is the quality of the content of your blog. Needless, to say, if the quality is itself incapable of sustaining readers’ interest, there is no way in the world by which you can monetise your blog. So, being original and maintaining the quality are the first and foremost things one should keep in mind before even thinking about commercialising his or her blog.

Spread your network: There are millions of blogs floating around in the Web space today, so it won’t be difficult to find a few fellow bloggers in your niche who are already well established. Follow their work regularly, and if possible, reach out to them by giving your honest feedback on their topics. The core idea behind this is to increase your network- the more you communicate with other bloggers, greater is the chance of their following your blog too, hence driving more traffic to your blog.

Advertisements: The most basic and popular method to generate money out of your blog(s). It is possible for everyone to sell ad space on their blogs, provided their work is well appreciated and drives a fair amount of web-traffic. Google’s AdSense, or bloggers, BlogAds and other similar services allow you to choose multiple ads that have relevance to the content of your blog.

Lastly, like most of the other things in the world, to make money from blogging also requires fair bit of dedication, time, patience, and to some extent a little bit of luck too. So don’t become desperate if you can’t become filthy rich overnight- just hang on, keep pouring in an honest and effort to make the dream come true.


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