How To Make Money On Facebook Without Spending A Dime (By Luthando)

Facebook which is one of the social networking websites is no doubt fat becoming a good marketing platform for anyone who wants to succeed in both online and offline businesses. Facebook is one of the most visited websites on earth today. It is second to Google in terms of daily visit with a lot of active users.

Facebook is no doubt a good platform to showcase your product to the whole world and generate enough leads for your affiliate business. If you can master the techniques involved in marketing on Facebook, you can start making a lot of money without spending a dime on advertisement.

I will analyze the two major ways of marketing any product on Facebook.

One of the ways to market on Facebook is to create a Fan Page for yourself, the product you want to sell or any services you render. You need to get a lot of friends and start inviting them to join your Fan Page. One interesting thing about a Fan Page is that as you are inviting your friends to join, there friends that are your mutual friends are also getting the notification. The only disadvantage of a Fan Page is that there is a limit as per the number of friends that can join. Once that limit is reached, nobody can join that page again.

After getting enough people for your page, you can start posting articles related to your niche or product you are promoting. You can also give a lot of interesting free and quality information on the niche. After getting enough people following your page, you can now introduce your product/website with the affiliate link of the product you are promoting, by doing this, you can start making a lot of money on Facebook.

The second way of making money on Facebook is similar to the first. What you have to do is to create a Group. Creating a group is as easy as creating a Page but with a greater advantage. The advantage a group has over a page is that there is no limit on the number of people that can join your group. If you want to get more leads or customers than you can do with a page, what you need is a group. Creating a group with many members is a great way to increase traffic to any website. Some Facebook Groups have over 60,000 members. If you have a group of targeted people in the niche you are promoting, you can make more sales more than you can ever imagine. This is one of the effective ways of advertising online and it’s free.

If you have not been using Facebook as a tool in promoting your online or offline business, you can start now.


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