Internet Wealth College (By Luthando)

Money is the ultimate necessity for human living; nothing is practically possible without money, and this is where the concept of “work from home” is so very acceptable. Work from home is possibly the best form of earning, since it does not entail you to stay by strict work schedules, the time flexibility is what makes it the most lucrative form of earning. However, a formal training for the various possible options for earning from home would always be advisable, in order to get an extra edge over the others, and this is where Internet wealth college comes into the picture.

The Internet wealth college is a form of online training center which trains you on the various expertise required to earn online. The company provides detailed knowhow regarding ways to earn money from sites like, Facebook and Twitter, trains you in the SEO services, helps you create your own website and also promises to connect you to the top brand companies that will hire you online.

The Internet wealth college claims to provide a bulk of training material which will benefit almost anyone at every level in some way or the other. The easy step by step processes explained in a very lucid manner, encourages most to be able to follow and implement. Depending on the type of course, the course fees are priced at $4.97, $38.47 and $87.59, for a 30 day period. Renewal of the course fee, from your account, is automatically done, after the 30 day period, unless you opt out of the course.

The most interesting course, as per my observation is the one which trains you for the SEO services. SEO services are by far the job which has the maximum demand. Internet Wealth College, promises to educate through their training material, regarding a number of free Google tools which makes the searches for SEO jobs more faster and informative; thus unique. Apparently, these free Google tools are unknown to most people, and hence the necessity for the guidance.

Let us now take a look at the various pros of the Internet wealth college.

– It provides an eight week-long comprehensive course.

– Helps master the art of earning from Facebook, Twitter and you Tube.

– Trains in creating easy websites without using any codes or technical skills, and also teaches you the tricks to extract money out of your website.

– The instructions given are simple, step by step and easy to follow.

– Most importantly, you decide the pace of your work.

After having considered the pros, we need to learn of the cons as well.

– The knowledge provided, as per most reviews, seems to be very basic.

– A lot of negative reviews are making the rounds, especially in terms of the fees and the mode of transaction of the same via credit cards.

– Support service provided is inadequate.

In spite of all the lucrative promises provided by the Internet Wealth college, it is important for you to consider all the possibilities before enrolling for the courses. A lot of members have been claiming refunds, on grounds of illegal transactions. So, an extra caution is necessary before you decide in favor of Internet wealth college.


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