What Does Living The Writer’s Life Mean? (By Luthando)

We’ve all heard the expression “living the writer’s life,” which is usually understood to mean living an easy life with very little to do. No job, no rush, no problems. While others are rushing out to work and working hard to earn a living, writers sit at home and do nothing while getting paid for it.

Sigh… If only that were true.

In reality, the expression means nothing. It’s rhetoric.

The truth about how writers live their lives is different for each writer, and not one of them gets paid for doing nothing.

There are many different ways to earn money from writing which is why the writing life is different for every writer.

Some people write and never try to get their work published because they’re writing for the joy of doing it.

Published writers who earn their living from what they write, do it in many different ways including blogging, authoring books, novel writing, freelance writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, short story writing, column writing, and so any more ways too.

Not only are there different kinds of writers, but they also differ in how and when they write. Some prefer to write early in the morning while others prefer to do what they have to do in the afternoons. While others prefer to write late at night and burn the proverbial midnight oil.

I even knew of one writer who always woke up at 4 a.m. and would sit up in bed and drink tea and write till around 9 a.m. when she’d get out of bed and start her day.

And that goes to show that different writers also have different places where they prefer to write – in bed, outdoors, in an office, in a writing space, a public library, a coffee shop, or even sitting on a park bench.

What this all comes down to is that living the writer’s life means whatever you want it to mean. You can write whatever you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want. As long as you’re writing and enjoying it, you’re living the writer’s life – the one that’s right for you.

Sometimes it’s easy to make the mistake of reading about how others earn money from their writing and think that if you copy what they do, you’ll have exactly the same success. But that is so naive because no one has the same mindset, or the same life, thoughts or talent as someone else, no matter how much they try and mimic their style or way of working.

That’s why it’s better to find out what works for you so that you can live your own writer’s life, and above all else, have fun doing it.

I spent years trying different ways of working and different types of writing before I discovered what worked best for me.

Along the way, I also earned money from my writing and had a ton of fun doing it.

And I know that when I was able to quit my job and earn my living from my writing, it was then that I was living my own writer’s life.

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