4 Ways to Make Money Online by Blogging (By Luthando)

Internet is being a great place to make money online for almost every blogger. No matter you have a great PR or high traffic blog or not, if you have a blog with enough quality content, you can make money from it. Weblogs are being more and more popular to all including advertisers too. Advertisers are now creating more and more blog advertising campaigns to promote their services and that’s why blogger’s are now getting a lot of opportunities which help them to make money online more easily.

Here I have listed the most popular ways that blogger are using to make money online:

Google AdSense: This is the most popular way which almost 70 percent of bloggers uses to make money from their blog. AdSense is a cost per click advertising program by well known search engine Google. It enables you to display relevant text and image ads on your site and once your visitors made a valid click to the ad, you will get paid instantly. No one can exactly tell how much Google pays for per click. It depends on how content-full your site is and how much traffic you have. But usually they pays about $0.10 to $0.50 for per click. Visit AdSense.Com to sign up for AdSense.

Writing Sponsored Reviews: Writing sponsored reviews is another great way to earn money online for bloggers. There is a lot of companies and websites on the web, who are willing to promote their product via blogs. They are also ready to pay you for writing an honest review about their product or services. You will get paid from $10-$2000 for per review depending how much traffic your blog have. Popular paid review networks are PayPerPost.com and Sponsoredreviews.com.

Sell Banner Ads: Selling banner ads is also a very popular to earn cash via blogging if you can do it right. As I have already mentioned that advertisers are always curious to advertise on blogs because of its popularity and traffic friendliness. There is lots of networks for you which will manage advertisers to advertise on your blog. one of the Popular network is BuySellAds.Com. You can set your own price, means how much you would like to get paid for displaying particular banner ads on your blog. You also have the full rights to accept or deny any advertising offer.

Sell Text Link Ads: I think this is the perfect way to make money for every blogger. If you are a blogger then, you usually have blogrolls. So, why will you deny if you have the opportunity to earn cash per month by just adding a few more URLs on your blogroll? I know you not. One of the popular network is TextLinkAds.Com which enabling a large number of bloggers to make money by selling text link ads. You may also tryout Teliad.com if your blog is new and have not so much traffic yet.

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