Cooking For The Kids (By Luthando)

Welcome to the world of picky eaters! You have kids. They turn their noses up at everything from peas to oatmeal. There are two main goals when it comes to cooking for kids. First, you want to cook what they like to eat, or at least what they will eat. This means searching through your vast library of cooking ideas to satisfy their hunger. Second, you want them to eat healthy meals. They learn about the food pyramid in school, but getting them to live it at home can be a challenge.

Sitting at the table ordering them to eat their vegetables may sometimes be effective, but that doesn’t mean it will be fun for you or them. You can add some perennial favorites to health filled ideas. Try putting peanut butter on celery sticks. This works with cream cheese, too. Use cucumber chips and ranch dip instead of potato chips. You get a vegetable in their system and they are getting a treat at snack time. The same holds true for melon and cantaloupes. These make excellent snacks and are a much-needed fruit in these important diets for little ones.

You know you can’t eat macaroni and cheese at every meal, but meals don’t have to be complicated either. There are easy recipes for dinner kids will love. We do a lot of mixin’s. We put chicken or turkey in the spaghetti sauce. We add tuna and a vegetable to the mac and cheese. Cheez Wiz ® on a vegetable seems to induce my kids to eat their veggies. The result is quick and easy recipes that the kids love to chow down.

The other thing to remember is that while we like the idea of easy cooking, it must be more than easy dinner recipes. We should plan healthy easy recipes. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, always go for fresh ingredients. If you can’t get fresh, use frozen. There are fewer additives in frozen fruits and vegetable. The water or juices that carry the sugar and preservative are used in frozen product. They make a healthier choice in you easy recipes for dinner.

Boldly go where no kid has gone before in your kitchen. Try new foods. This is especially a good idea if you will do some cooking with kids. They are more likely to try what they helped cook. It also affords you some great family time. If you do some easy cooking with kids, neither you nor they will get bored with the process and they will be willing to try some new foods and different flavors. This will add a fresh look to some quick and easy recipes and offer your family some great meals.

Work on the main things. You need healthy easy recipes. Great cooking ideas usually make great dinners. You need budget friendly and kid approved meals. This may take you a little effort in rewriting what you use for a cooking book, but it definitely has some long term benefits. Using easy dinner recipes and crock pot cooking will save you time, money, and exasperation.. You want meals that are kid friendly and easy on the budget. Make it fun. Make it healthy. Keep it easy. It is worth the rewards.


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