How To: Make Money With CPA Offers (By Luthando)

CPA is an acronym for Cost Per Action. Usually it entails someone signing up with an email account, phone number, address, or other contact information in return for digital or tangible products. This allows marketers the chance to make money without having to sell anything. By simply promoting free offers in exchange for contact information, the companies pay you.

I’ve been involved in internet marketing for several years now, and can tell you first hand that CPA offers are one of the easiest ways to start generating income. It’s a lot easier to give something away and get paid for the lead than it is to sell something.

So What Are CPA Networks?

CPA Networks are basically a middle man between advertisers who want to make money, and companies that want to pay for leads. They bring the two people together and collect a profit from the money the companies pay to the advertisers. They have hundreds even thousands of companies that are looking for advertisers. A lot of times these companies are willing to pay up to $100, just to get an email address!

Applying To CPA Networks

You can’t just go to a CPA website and see all their offers. First you have to sign up and apply to be an advertiser. They want to know basic questions about how you’ll be marketing, who you are, how you found their website, and other basic information. Some sites are very easy to get accepted to, and others require you to be a top-notch guru before you can join. If you’re new to the game of CPA offers you can easily sign up for a few sites and then once you’re accepted, choose which products you want to promote. If you get declined, don’t worry about it too much. There are hundreds of CPA sites out there.

What Makes CPA Networks So Great

Once you’re accepted into a CPA Network, you’ll have an account manager assigned to you. This is the best part of CPA networks. If you develop a good relationship with your account manager you can get invited to special VIP offers, and even negotiate a better deal on all your payouts. If you ask they’ll happily share with you which items are the best-selling in a niche! The more money you make, the more money they’ll make. So they’ll want you to get a good promoting offer and promote it.

Often times you’ll find plenty of education and training material on CPA Networks to help you get started promoting offers if you have never done it before, and the account manager can help answer questions you have as well. Make sure you take advantage of having someone there to help you, and ask anything you need help with.


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