How to Make Money Writing Articles Online for Bukisa (By Luthando) is a great platform for both beginning and seasoned writers to make money writing articles online. Bukisa doesn’t pay upfront for articles submitted to its site. Instead, when you joined Bukisa, you will be compensated for the views that your articles can garner.

Bukisa calculates your earnings according to the current Bukisa index. This index is just a number assigned to the rate at which Bukisa pays you for every one thousand views which you get for all your articles.

For example, if the current Bukisa index is 3.5, this means that for every one thousand views which you get for all your articles, you will be paid $3.50. This means that if you’ve written ten articles and each article gets one hundred views daily meaning 30,000 views in a month, you would have earned $105 in that month.

It is obvious to see that in order to make money writing for Bukisa, you need to attract as many page views to all your articles on the site. To gather a lot of page views, you need to be knowledgeable in keyword research and search engine optimization
Effective keyword research

Without effective keyword research, you may find that your articles will not be read and therefore will not earn you any money. Doing proper and effective keyword research is essential if you want to be successful at making money writing for Bukisa.

Choose your keywords wisely. Use the Google AdWords keyword tool which is a tool provided freely by Google. You don’t need to be enrolled in the AdWords program to use this tool but of course with an AdWords account, you’re able to access the full list of keywords. Otherwise, you’re only able to look at the first or last one hundred results.

Use keywords which get searched at least one thousand times monthly, if you’re a beginner. If you’re an expert at keyword research, you can probably use keywords which get searched more than ten thousand times monthly.

Whether there are more searches or little searches for the keywords you’ve chosen, you must make sure that they’re not too competitive. Look at to see how competitive the keywords are. Enter the keywords within quotation marks to see how many web pages are targeting the same keywords.

Look at the quality of the competing pages. Find out their page ranks which is the easiest way to know how Google views the quality of these pages. Web pages with page rank of more than three would be fairly difficult to overcome. But web pages with page rank of less than three would be fair competition for a beginner.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO simply means that you want to get your articles rank highly in Google Search Engine Results Page or SERP. To do this you need to know what search engines look for when they rank web pages.

Keyword research has been covered earlier and this is an important part of SEO. You need to have your keywords in your title and sprinkle sporadically at the beginning, the middle and the end of your articles. This way when search engine robots crawl your articles, they will know what your articles are about and whether they’re relevant to the keyword which an internet searcher has entered in the search box.

Search engine optimization is a big topic which involves on-site and off-site optimization which cannot be fully covered in this article. But suffice to say that it’s essential to learn SEO if you want to make money writing for Bukisa.

It is not difficult to make money writing for Bukisa especially if you’re new to making money writing articles. You just need to learn to do effective keyword research and learn search engine optimization. By being knowledgeable in these areas, you’ll discover that it’s not impossible to make money writing for Bukisa.


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