Internet Best Kept Secrets (By Luthando)

The Internet’s best kept secrets are hidden in many of the arenas where the guru’s hang out. This article will offer a few resources that will give you access to a some of the guru’s best kept secrets.

The War Room

The first resource is the war room. If you are not familiar with the war room make a special note of this place. The proper name is the Warrior’s Forum. It is a must have of places to visit if you are venturing into making money online. The Warriors Forum is free, however if you want access to the War room there is small yearly fee.

Inside the War Room you have many warriors who share tested and proven resources. Many of the resources listed in this area are free. However, even the few that cost are verified; meaning that they come from people who have purchased the product and can give an honest recommendation. One of the best features of the forum is when warriors will give access to products they have developed, to other warriors absolutely free or with a reduction in price.

I found out about the War Room through a young man named George Brown. George actually sent me an email that showed me how he made an enormous amount of money over a very short period of time using the warrior forum.

I must admit that when I make the time to visit the war room, I find myself engaged for hours. There is so much awesome information and resources, I believe that by visiting the war room you can come up with a variety of strategies that if implemented could produce a serious income.

They even have a resource box also known as the signature box where you can leave your name and up to 5 lines where you can promote yourself, your products, services or website. A few other features they have is pm (private messaging) blogging, commenting on the forum or offering WSO’s.

A WSO’s is a Warrior Special Offer where a product or service is offered at a reduced price specifically for the warriors inside the Warriors Forum. After you have been a warrior for a while, you will qualify to receive free access to products for reviewing purposes. Meaning that you get to review the project for free and give a testimony about the product. Most people who offer review versions of their products generally have really great products or services.

The goal here of course is to get great reviews about the product so they can use the testimonials for promoting purposes, which makes is a win win scenario.

Negatives or dislikes regarding the Warriors Forum.

First of all the Warrior’s Forum has so many members that the administration doesn’t have time to answer many questions; therefore you have read all of their rules and regulations so that you don’t disrespect their forum and or become banned by doing something that is against their rules. However I have sent a support ticket and it was answered within 24 hours to my delight.

Some warriors complain about product launches based on what they think instead of dealing with the facts. You have to be able to weed out those type of comments. Be sure to look for people who give advice who have actually used the product.

Other than those two things the Warriors forum is truly an awesome forum to use. It might even produce some back links to your blog or website if you publish articles there, or start new threads which are also known as posts. In addition there are many threads or answers to questions submitted in the forum that are beginning to show up on the first page of Google, so that has to be a plus.

THE IM Report Card

The Second Resource is the IM Report Card. This resource is absolutely, free and all you have to do is put the persons name in the search bar, or the name of a product or service and you will be able to view an IM Report Card. This resource is not as interactive as the Warrior Forum, however it is filled with great information plus you can get up-to-date information about many people who have had a presence online. They even have a section where they show you who are the top producers on line or in their forum or who are very active with positive feedback according to their forum.

Better Networker

Better networker is really another internet secret, it is great for finding other networkers who can actively engage in your content. You can offer advise tips, strategies, make videos, write articles and while having the opportunity to promote yourself and or your program or product. Mike Dillard is unofficially the ‘GodFather of attraction marketing and many people do not know even know that he is the founders and owner of Better Networker. This forum also offers points and you are scored according to how often and how active you are in this forum. The higher your points the more you are seen as an expert and can get active followers to go to whatever link you are marketing.

Fiverr is a place where you can get many services for only $5 (five dollars). I couldn’t believe all the small projects I could get done for only five dollars. I have had banners made, articles written, graphics added to power point presentations, and a whole host of other things. This is such a great resource the only warning I have is that when possible try to connect with someone who has had really good feed back.

Fiverr is a place that could have helped me to save a ton of money when I had first come online. Now that I have that resource, many times I start there when looking to hire someone for smaller projects. It is a great place to find good people, especially when you have a small budget or just don’t have the time to do some of the smaller projects that can make a big difference in your business.

It is imperative to combine many resources when you are building a building both offline and online. The more you know, the faster you will be able to build your empire. The internet is large and ever ending, and after you go through the daily blue print of what will make you money daily and consistently, then you should take a few hours to continue to develop your skillset by visiting some of the forums and developing relationship with others who have the same interests and mindset that you have. Building relationships with other top marketers will lead to even more resources and best kept secrets.


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