20 Easy Techniques to Increase the Traffic to Your Website or Blog (By Luthando)

Traffic is the lifeblood of any successful Internet business. Following are 20 easy techniques to increase the traffic to your website or blog.

1. Write articles often and submit them to article directories.

2. Use compelling headlines/titles for your articles and blog to increase the number of page views.

3. Post to your blog often.

4. Post on Craig’s list, make sure you mention your website in the listing.

5. Create a free product to give away on your site for people who subscribe to your list (ebook, software, pdf, etc.)

6. Network! Email other site/blog owners, call them on the phone, attend industry events and talk to people. If they remember you, they will be more likely to agree to a reciprocal business arrangement.

7. Leave comments on other people’s blogs and link back to your site.

8. Exchange links with related sites in your niche.

9. Post often in forums related to your niche. Have a signature link that points to your site.

10. Submit answers to Yahoo questions along with a link to your site.

11. Add an opt-in form in a high profile spot on your site.

12. Submit your blog to a blog directory.

13. Send your product to other website owners in related niches to get reviewed.

14. Place classified Ads on eBay with a link to your website.

15. Use an autoresponder for your mailing list to keep people coming back to your site for special offers and promotions.

16. Exchange products with another site and split the proceeds of any sales.

17. Post often to forums and use a link to your website in your signature file.

18. Advertise; use any method available, classified, free and paid, solos, forums, etc.

19. Develop your own product and affiliate program

20. Offer lots of downloads and products with Master Resell Rights on your site and watch the traffic pour in.

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