6 Unusual College Scholarships That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head (By Luthando)

Out of the many unusual scholarships that we have come across, it seems as if the same type of unusual scholarships are listed year after year. As such, we devoted an insurmountable amount of our time to scour the web for something that was truly unique and unusual. Here are the results. We present to you 6 unusual scholarships that’ll surely tantalize your mind.

1) Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream Scholarship

While most scholarships inquire about your athletic ability, test scores, income or grades, this one only wants to know one thing, your favorite flavor of ice cream which describes your personality. It may sound unusual, but admittedly this would be a hard topic. I just don’t see how someone could describe the ways in which vanilla or chocolate describe their personality.

2) Beans For Brains Scholarship

Knitting is a hobby that many people do for free. However, what if you could get a scholarship for knitting? The Beans For Brains scholarship can be applied by any one that knits or crochets. This scholarship is provided by the Jimmy Beans Wool Store and can make you $3,200 richer. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the company provides 6 scholarships each year and is available to U.S. and international college students you enjoy knitting.

3) Fifth Month Scholarship

We’ve seen a wide variety of strange scholarships, but this one definitely tops the list of unusual. Students that are 13 years are older apply for this scholarship by writing an article about the number 5. Yes, the number 5. Clearly, this award is for individuals who have a high level of creativity and a sense of humor. In any case, the scholarship is worth $1,500.

4) Halloween Costumes Scholarship

Every single month, the company – Wholesale Halloween Costumes – provides a fun and equally unusual contest for college students who need additional cash. To apply for this scholarship the students have to do a variety of weird things such as to capture the Easter bunny on film, or to write a fictional story about a monster. The winning entry receives $500.

5) Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship

People who study parapsychology which includes reincarnation, near-death experiences and telepathy aren’t take seriously by the general public for the most part. However, Eileen J. Garrett takes them seriously. So much so that the individual offered a $3,000 scholarship which is applicable to students who are currently studying any field in parapsychology.

6) Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

The zombie trend has surged so much that there are currently a wide variety of video games, TV shows and movies that are all based on zombies. In fact, there’s been so much media attention surrounding the zombie concept that even a statement from the Center of Disease and Control has not been able to suppress the fear of zombies that many people still have. So let’s assume that zombies do exist and that they have taken over your college. This is essentially the concept of this $2,000 scholarship. Applicants have to devise a detailed plan as to the ideal location that they’ll hide as well as the 5 items that they would utilize in order for them to survive.

Source: www.askpaccosi.com

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