7 Good Reasons To Use A Blog (By Luthando)

1. Simple & Easy to use.

Blogger is simple & easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer geek to understand how to create a blog. They can be reached quickly, & any changes that may have to be done can be done very easily. If you compare this to how difficult it to access a website & change the confusing HTML’s entire you can see why blogs have become so popular

2. Modify.

You can change your website quickly without a lot of hassle that a website can give you. You can make changes to your blog in seconds compared to all the hours they can take to update your website. To update on a daily basis, this is a good reason to use a blog vs. a website.

3. Quick Delivery.

The information you post on a blog can be delivered quickly compared to the hours it’d take to use a website. If you follow all directions when you update your blog you’ll have the information out to your readers in no time because the search engines pick up the new information quickly. A Web site can take hours or even days for the search engines to your new information update

4. Organization.

When adding new information to your blog, it’s less headache involved in the development phase. When you organize your site, it need not be perfect, as the software will get behind you & fix it for you. With a website you need to organize all the different information for yourself & anyone who has developed a website that can be very confusing & time consuming.

5. Communication.

It is easy for your reader to any comments or questions on your blog. These comments are an important way to stay in touch with your business clients, friends, or followers. With a website you’ll not have this opportunity

6. Cost Effective.

Most blogs are generally free to the user. The most cost-effective for you is your time. Blogs are a great way for a company to save on advertising costs, because in a blog they can advertise for free. Again with a site they don’t have that option

7. The Search Engines.

Search engines love blogs. They are so important rich that crawlers will give them away. With a website, it takes time to create keywords that search engines will love.

This is just a few reasons why blogs have become so popular over the site.

Kurt Pedersen

Source: www.askpaccosi.com

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