Download Free PSP Games – Avoid Getting Scammed (By Luthando)

Even though the PSP has only been on the market for a little over two years, it has probably been one of the most important advances in gaming technology in the last decade because it gives people the option to play their PSP games anywhere, anytime, without being confined to their living room couch.

As with any gaming console used by younger generation there is a demand for cheaper games and accessories and the question of being able to download free PSP games is one of the most common queries I hear.

The question is, is this possible?

Well, when you begin to search for free PSP games, you’ll find that there are a number of options. In fact, you’ll be overloaded with them. Some are good and some are downright dangerous!

Download Free PSP Games Alternative #1

If you type in ‘download free PSP games’ into Google or indeed any of the other search engines, you’ll be faced with literally millions of results. One of the first sites you’ll come across is probably Ebay.

Now the last time I checked, there were over a thousand listings claiming to have free psp game downloads but obviously, as with everything on ebay, there is a price to pay. You can’t give stuff away for free; it’s against their terms of service and I don’t know about you but I would trust this type of listing. I even came across one guy who was claiming to tell you the secret of where to download free PSP games – if you paid him for the privilege. Yeah right!

OK so eBay is no good. On to the next option:

Download Free PSP Games Alternative #2

Obviously there are many suppliers online and reputable ones at that. The thing is these are big multinational companies. They need to make a profit and offering their members the privilege of being able to download free PSP games just isn’t going to happen.

Many appeared to offer it but there was a catch. What it entailed was paying an on-going monthly fee to get access to as many free PSP downloads as you wanted.

In some ways this seemed like quite a good deal, although the cost between $50 and $100 per month seemed a bit steep.

In other words you could be paying up to $1000 a year just to download the latest psp games, movies and accessories. In short, there are better options.

Download Free PSP Games Alternative #3

Ok, this is where you’ve got to be extremely cautious. Again, if you do a search for free PSP games, you’ll come across an array of sites trying to attract your attention.

But here’s the thing. If you visit these websites one of two things could happen. Or both!

The first is that as soon as you hit the landing page, you’ll be faced with one of those vibrating banner ads that’ll say in flashing writing ‘click here to download free PSP games’. Of course, if you click it, you won’t find any PSP games at all; you’ll just be directed to another page with more banners and pop-ups and this’ll just carry on until you close the website down. (if it lets you of course!)

The second thing that could happen is that the website really does allow you to download free psp games but once you are directed to the page that contains the links and you start downloading them, you’ll soon find that your anti-virus software is working over time to stop the flood of spy ware and other baddies that are trying to infect your computer. In conclusion, an obvious no no.

Download Free PSP Games Alternative #4

The final option is by far the best. As I discovered, there are a number of websites out that are safe and have legally sound licences that allow you to download free PSP games by the bundle. And these aren’t hacked versions either, they’re the real thing.

As well, you’ll also get access to music, movies, videos and other accessories that are all compatible with your PSP device.

The price? Well to be honest, it’s as good as free. Depending on which service you choose (and as you’ll discover, there are only three decent ones) you’ll pay around a $37 one time fee which will give you unrestricted access to over 20 million free PSP game downloads. And you’ll have unlimited access for as long as you own your console.


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