How to Make Multiple Streams of Income Online From Affiliate Marketing (By Luthando)

The best kept secrete to financial freedom is the creation of multiple streams of income. The internet today has a lot of opportunities to earn income, even if you do not have your own products to sell or even a website.

Affiliate marketing presents a good opportunity to make money online and achieve financial freedom. For those not familiar with it, it involves promoting someone else’s products for commission.

This article will show you how it can be so easy to create multiple streams of income online as an affiliate. You will realize that even those who do not have their products to sell still have amazing opportunities to make money on the internet promoting other people’s products for commission.

The process involves signing up with an affiliate network such as,,, and many other networks, including and I personally prefer ClickBank and PayDotCom who normally have products with higher commission rates (up to 50% to 70%).

Once you have signed up and determined which products to promote, you are provided with a custom affiliate link, which you will use to send web traffic through to the seller’s page.

Special code is used to track customers that come through your link and your commission is allocated on that basis.

As intimidating as it may sound, this is so easy to set up and it is FREE to sign up with affiliate networks.

The game ultimately involves finding a market with great demand and promoting products from that market for commission. If that is done properly affiliate dollars will soon be coming your way. There are many ways to promote your links even for those without their own websites.

You can promote you links on free online classified sites, forum marketing, social network marketing (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc.), business cards, fliers, Bulletin Boards, email marketing, pay-per-click adverts and many more.

If your niche is hot enough, you should be able to make at least one sale per day using all these promotion methods. Soon enough it should be possible to make up to a thousand dollars a month, which may continue to grow as you keep working on your business. I know of people who make more than ten thousand dollars a month doing this.

A well researched systematic affiliate marketing campaign should be put in place. Promotion is definitely what sets apart successful from failed affiliate marketers. Research extensively.

TAKE ACTION NOW and never be afraid of success. Work diligently and success shall come your way.

Wish you the best of success.

I wish you the best of success.


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