How to Use Covert Mind Hack Tactics to Control a Woman – And Make Her Do Anything For You (By Luthando)

Imagine being able to make women long to be with you and getting them to do anything you ask of them. Sounds great, right? Many men think this cannot be done since they don’t have enough money or good looks to persuade women into anything, but this is not true.

With the right seduction tactics taken from female psychology studies, you can get any woman of your choice to do anything you ask of her willingly. Just keep reading for basic tactics on getting women to do your every bidding anytime.

How To Use Covert Mind Hack Tactics To Control A Woman – And Make Her Do Anything For You

1. Build up the overall suspense.
The best way to get a woman to follow your orders would be through building up some anticipation. Women happen to love suspense and drama, so you should give them what they want. By building up more hype and suspense, more women will flock to your side in no time. Keep this in mind.

2. Make sure she stays confused.
You should always ensure that women do not feel too at ease whenever they are in your presence. Women have to think that they need to work for your attention or they will completely lose interest in you.

If you are too easy to read, you will lose a woman’s interest in practically no time. Because of this, you have to give women a hard time when it comes to figuring your intentions out.

3. Try out methods of psychology. Keep in mind that using psychology methods will make women much more vulnerable to any of your advances. A particular method out there can even help you hack into a woman’s thoughts and make her addicted to you on an emotional level.

Women don’t just long for happiness from the opposite sex; they also happen to want emotional drama because their lives are usually uneventful and dreary. If you can give women the kind of drama they knowingly or unknowingly long for, they will never be able to resist your charms.

The truth is: there is no trouble involved in hacking into female minds and gaining female attraction. You simply have to make use of a basic formula that has the power to make even the most gorgeous women fall for your charms. The best thing about this would be that any man can put it to use, regardless of their seduction and attraction expertise levels.


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