Your Successful 3 Ways to Make $100/Day Online (By Luthando)

Finding at least 3 ways to make $100/day online is not so difficult, but you should be aware of some traps that the Internet is generously putting in your way. You can succeed to make some money online, but patience and caution are required to get your online income reaching $3,000/month.

There are more than three ways to achieve your goal, but many of them are just variations of three main themes.

Paid to…

The first of the 3 ways to make $100/day online described here is becoming a member of several sites that pay you for clicking/reading/promoting. This kind of activities does not require investing money and, therefore, is the most accessible of all. However, only upgrading brings you some advantages like:

  • a higher pay/click rate;
  • a lower or no minimum payout limit;
  • a higher number of referrals allowed.

To be successful with this method, you should not only click on banners or e-mail links, but also build a huge referral down line, which is the real key to making online profits. Your daily clicks do not gather more than a few cents per site you are a member of.

The goal of making $100/day cannot be reached without help from your referrals. Since the pay/click rate is usually somewhere around several cents, you would need to click thousands of times to make $100.

Unfortunately, you do not have the time, patience and physical resources to click on banners 24/7. Your down line could help you succeed, but $100/day is a high limit to reach anyway if you are not a member of tens of such sites and you do not have hundreds of referrals for each one.


You can also make money online while betting on stock or currency variations. There are many sites that promise you earnings of several hundreds or thousands of dollars in one minute, one hour, or one day. What they do not say is that you could lose your money as well.

Unlike the first of the 3 ways to make $100/day online described above, investing money is required here, as you bet your own money. The good news is that you are completely on your own and do not depend on the activity of your referrals like on the “paid to… ” sites.

The main recommendation is to be cautious and divide the money you can allow to bet in several fractions, so that you can earn from some of them and cover the eventual loss with the others. With a long practice, you will be able to forecast the trend of the currency variations and finally earn more than $100/day, but you have to invest more than a few dollars to succeed.


The third of the 3 ways to make $100/day online is investing in high-yield investment programs, or HYIPs. The method is supposed to bring you a return of investment (ROI) of 2% or 3% per day usually. Your money is invested by people who pretend to be financial experts in schemes like Forex (foreign exchange market), which is a trading platform for international currencies.

The tip here is to use this high return of investment to buy new shares as soon as the necessary amounts of money appear in your account. You can make money online starting with 10, 20 or 100 dollars and accumulating new shares that will make possible earning $100/day.

A few simple rules to stick to

Theory and practice are always different. What you can see as promises on a certain site, could be unreal or could be conditioned by rules that are not explicitly mentioned. Before registering with a new site and investing money, please read the TOS and FAQ sections and try to understand how that site really works.

Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose, even if you are promised huge returns from the very first day. You may be scammed like many others already have been. Certain sites promise high return rates, but disappear after one month or sooner, after having collected nice amounts of money from their subscribers.

There is no guarantee that the above 3 ways to make $100/day online presented above will work for you, other than your continuous work, patience and caution.


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