5 Things to Help You Find Your Peak in 2010 (By Luthando)

Tools. Everyone needs them, some are better than others, and you should always use the right tool for the job. Below is a list of some essential tools that I use daily to help me along this journey called life. They are definitely not the only ones that will get the job done, but they are the ones that I prefer.


This is my all-in-one device of choice. You might use a Google Android, Palm Pre, or some version of the Blackberry, but what ever your choice, they are a must have in today’s professional environment. No longer do you have to carry a separate phone, calendar, camera, video camera, gaming system, music player, etc. It is all in one neat tidy package. These devices are great and only going to get better. If you do not already have one, go and get one immediately. You won’t be sorry.

Moleskine Notebooks

These are the classics. They have been around for years, are as anti-tech as the above are technical, and just feel good to have around. I use them for general notes, journaling, planning, you name it. Sometimes you just need good ole dead trees rather than digital ones.

Fisher Space Pens

I am sure I will get some dissenters here, but for the money, I have not found a pen that I like better. They write anywhere, are quite stylish, and you can get one without having to take out a loan. Since I lose pens quite often I usually buy a couple at a time and still don’t feel like I am breaking the bank. Try them out, they might surprise you.


Not just a search engine anymore. Gmail is awesome for mail, calendar, and contacts and only getting better. Google Voice is starting to revolutionize phones and will only get better. Google Apps gives you great,for free, to run your company. Google Earth is just cool. Google Docs lets you convert and share documents easily. AdWords, AdSense, and Analytics oh my! Oh, and they do that search thing pretty good as well.


Timebridge does for meetings what Evite does for invitations, makes them easy. If you have ever played email ping-pong trying to setup a meeting among many attendees you know what a pain it is. Enter Timebridge. With TImebridge you can suggest several meeting times, let everyone pick their best choice, and Timebridge schedules the best time for everyone. Of course you can then send it to your Gmail calendar!

These are some of my favorites, what are some tools that you will use to Find Your Peak in 2010?

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