Homemade Carp Boilie Recipe Tips For Using Expert Feed-Stimulant Ingredients! (By Luthando)

Discover how to improve your big carp and catfish homemade baits by harnessing the hugely attractive powerful secrets of very stimulatory ingredients and additives, which can seriously make a big difference to your big fish baits and catches fast! Read on and find out essential information about deeper aspects of unique big fish stimulants and how to apply and combine them now!

I have recently seen a presentation by some of the world’s leading nutritionists and health experts recently which was a goldmine of insights and information regarding carp bait improvement. I was actively linking their findings about some of the most potent active components and extracts that bring the body back into balance, by burning fat and lowing blood sugar and increasing insulin resistance, and increasing shifting of blood sugar to the muscles for fuel instead of towards fat storage!

You might ask what has this to do with carp bait and catching carp, but it has absolutely a huge critical relevance of aspects vital to improving carp bait functioning within carp that increases your catches massively!

Among the substances mentioned are alkaloids and I have discovered many more of these and other factors in more recent times, that I seriously recommend in my tuitions to individuals and groups today. You might be wondering what else you need to exploit to give you the biggest edge!

There are some very specific ways and means to harness the most critical components of stimulatory substances found in examples such as fenugreek, garlic, chilli, black pepper and hemp.

There are some very profoundly powerful active substances that really do work when included in carp baits and they do not merely work over a period of time cumulatively within a food bait paradigm, but they work instantly as fish actually absorb them in solution!

The physiological specifics regarding the connections between the release and functioning of hormones that control blood pressure, liver and heart functioning, insulin resistance and metabolism and fat burning etc, are important to the carp angler and indeed to big catfish anglers too. Substances pertinent to these things genuinely have attractive active effects and impacts in different ways and on many different levels that increase feeding responses in the presence of baits that contain them!

Everyone knows about molasses. Used in boilies, pastes, stick mixes, spod mixes and so on, and molasses are more than just a palatability enhancer and sweetener. It contains a true feeding trigger plus many nutritional factors plus others that increase activity in the cells of fish and help promote feeding.

Molasses spike blood sugar which in a way means that for a limited period at least, your carp or catfish get a rush of energy that enables increased feeding activity. This is particularly important in periods of lower temperatures or in periods of lower water oxygen saturation, where maximised bait solubility and raising of fish metabolism by multiple means are absolutely essential to even get bites!

Fish are very similar to humans in how carbohydrates are processed used or stored. Endless commercial carp baits are made using significant levels of carbohydrates because for one thing, these are much cheaper to buy and represent a huge part of how the vast majority of commercial bait makers can make profits in making pellets and boilies and ground baits and stick mixes etc. Included in the gamut of carbohydrates and related products used to make and increase profits are bread crumbs, biscuit meals, whole and crushed seeds, semolina, pulse and bean flours (which are predominantly carbohydrate containing such as soya flours and meals.

Other major carbohydrate ingredients used include semolina, maize flour and maize meal. There are many other carbohydrates used which often relate (or not) to bird food type products. There are whole and crushed nut products, tiger nut flour and meals, fine and coarse peanut meals and roasted peanut meal, crushed seed products such as CLO and so on. Certain bait companies that I have seen first-hand also bulk up their baits using wheat or oat bran. But the instances where I saw this were obviously more for bulking up of baits and increasing profit than just for improving prebiotic-related or immunity and digestion-boosting functioning of bait!

Wherever a bait contains a significant content of carbohydrate, especially in conjunction with any high omega or related oil and fat content, (including that found in hemp oil, soya flour, fish meals, marine meals and so on,) it all means energy storage for carp to both produce and then needs to burn off!

In nature, carp and other omnivorous creatures such as humans and even early dog bloodlines feed upon vegetation. Part of this is to improve metabolism and digestion and to improve food throughput functionally plus increase blood sugar burning efficiency and balancing of many systems including boosting the immune system in various ways, plus many other aspects.

The potent pigments within plant materials including Carophyll increase metabolism and internal balancing and other effects and impacts very healthily and are essential for balancing of the energy system of fish.

I have noticed for that wels catfish have shown a positive sensitivity to red kidney beans and sweetcorn for instance. This is far than just about raw energy. Per temperature regime increase these fish require higher levels of protein, calorific oils and protein, when compared to carp. But they still require their inner energy system to be balanced by the active components within the foods they consume.

Both carp and catfish will predominantly consume protein-rich food at many periods of the year and in fact their bodies evolved in ways precisely to do this and to most efficiently digest and assimilate amino acids. But carbohydrates are very poor in amino acids. Carbohydrates are used in old fashioned food baits to spare protein so more is actually converted biologically instead of being wasted.

But bait is far more about creating internal balance than protein, because this is just one part of the whole balancing of the internal system. This is part of the reason why many bait formulations which are not designed using high or balanced nutritional type food baits are highly successful without being baits that reward fish with actual food nutrients. Such baits when constantly changed just keep on catching fish and work instantly requiring use of far less bait and costing far less money.

I am interested in such baits because the vast majority of carp anglers over feed their swims with readymade baits and carp and catfish are sensitive to other more potent, alternate sources of factors that balance their internal energy and physical physiological systems on significant levels, that make fish more energy efficient!

Part of the problem with carbohydrates and carp in particular, is that where they binge feed on ready made baits which contain protein, carbohydrates and oils etc that they simply do not require, or simply are fed so much volume so often, that they actually do become unbalanced internally. Carp and catfish evolved very like humans internally, so that they opportunistically binge feed where a feeding opportunity presents itself and then the food is processed and all possible factors used or stored for further self-digesting or catabolizing of stored energy and other factors available for survival and maintenance.

Where humans constantly over-consume too many carbohydrates and are simply storing fat and becoming hypoglycemic, this now represents a health and out of balance eating epidemic. This is very much a mirror in the use of carbohydrates used within carp baits too. Consumption of carbohydrates in humans is a huge problem today in the western world where carbohydrates are consumed at incredible frequencies by the majority of people excess to requirements. Wheat a very major culprit in this disease epidemic of diabetes and obesity, heart disease and cancers etc, with people simply not equating wheat consumption with fat storage and wheat and refined sugar or fructose-glucose induced insulin resistance.

Carp are similar to humans in that they can develop a resistance to insulin caused by too high levels being released over a period of time so that the role insulin has in controlling blood sugar levels is impaired. Many humans try to burn off their fat by exercise but this is not enough! Blood sugar is constantly replaced all the time. People do not realize how significant this is, both in controlling and regulating this within their own body and in carp and in how to exploit this to catch more carp and catfish!

Many people do not realize that even so-called healthy spice and herb powders may be bulked up with wheat and even with sawdust in the case of some cinnamon products. In one investigation in the states by the department of health out of 16 different store-bought samples only 3 actually turned out to be real cinnamon. The rest where other materials including sand and sawdust flavored using cinnamon oil! So you need to make certain that your supplier is a very good one!

The Rye Spice Company near me is one such supplier who guarantees that all of their products are gluten-free, as in wheat-originating gluten free. Many people are extremely sensitive to wheat gluten due to consumption of modern triploid wheat which is the form that most humans in the west now consume, but which was never bred to be digested by the human digestive system and actually acts as a potentially lethal irritant in the development of fatal digestive tract conditions because of it! (Any time you feel your gut swell up in response to carbohydrates and you experience an energy draining kind of feeling think about this!)

This all relates to carp and catfish because these fish are exceptionally sensitive to substances that balance their energy systems so that they do not experience energy drains and immunity unbalancing and remain at peak metabolic and digestive health with peak energy levels. They are hard-wired by their genetics to be attracted to substances with these positive impacts and effects and so are humans, though most humans are so out of touch with their bodies because they think they are mind-dominated instead of in-touch with their bodies in complete contrast to carp that can detect certain substances down to one part in a trillion!

This means that constant media advertisement bombardment of people from companies for sugar and carbohydrate-laden snacks, mean that the majority masses of people buy food as quick fix feel good solutions, but for the majority of people this is a quick way to kill their bodies (i.e. to age by immensely raised oxidation damage and free radical damage and more by glycation etc!)

This seriously relates to how you can catch more carp and catfish by understanding more about how to apply ways and means to avoid, reduce and cure such threats and to help fish avoid them via your baits!

This is best by most especially using truly powerful, natural and positive instant means and not by adhering to conventional old-fashioned food bait paradigms that often include (in bulk volume of bait applied,) far too many potential blood sugar-raising impacts on fish!) I personally would like to see value of fish measured not in increased weights which is not actually an especially positive measure of health and balance, but of actual overall condition of fish and for anglers to be actually able to asses the condition of fish more accurately, including fatty liver disease for instance.

I really feel that catching a heavy carp with its liver sticking out due to consuming too many oil-rich fish meal and other oily pellets etc must be addressed as an issue by the angling fraternity. Fatty liver disease means reduced longevity of fish! So many anglers read magazines and see flashy hypnotic pseudo music videos of their cult heroes’ dumping kilograms and kilograms of free bait into a water and are influenced to do just the same; thus making bait companies maximum profits from such subliminal and directly encouraged use of high bait volumes (often out of context!)

This leads to the mistaken out of context thinking that more bait equals more fish! But in reality for the average angler very often in context, this means unhealthy fish as a result! It also means very poor winter catches! This occurs because fish have stored so much over the warmer months they simply do not require to feed in lower temperatures! This cessation of feeding sometimes occurs even from the beginning of October, when a winter shut-down of many waters actually occurs today. Yet 15 years ago the same fish would still feed right through the winter!

Among the substances that the leading nutritionists mentioned in regards to burn fat and lowering insulin resistance are hemp oil, fenugreek, chilli components, black pepper components plus a number of others in my ebooks. Increasing metabolism in part means inducing more efficient oxygen and blood glucose fueling of the cells and major organs (including the muscles,) for movement and heart pumping and also other vital effects such releasing energy used in production of metabolic and digestive enzymes and so on etc.

Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential omega 3 fatty acid which is converted in the body to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA.) The ratio of the high omega 3 oil content within hemp oil is very unique indeed! On many levels this conversion of omega 3 is the most important one in the body.

Hemp oil specifically contains stearidonic acid (STA) which converts to essential EPA. This is a special factor that makes hemp oil and its omega 3 content so very powerful within fish and in humans, in balancing energy systems, in very many profound ways. But you need to ensure you get your hemp oil from trustworthy suppliers where the hemp oil you use is as potent as possible for maximum feed-inducing impacts and not mere superficial food value!

One impact hemp oil has is the reduction of blood platelet aggregation due to its omega 3 and 6 content and the lowering of blood pressure is a very significant attraction effect to carp! One effect of lowering blood pressure is the body becomes more energy-efficient as fueling the body in various ways improves dramatically. This manifests via carp baits by improving feeding and feeding duration and so this is one huge benefit to anglers in summer and winter especially when carp metabolism and feeding activity is reduced!

Hempseed oil contains all of the essential amino acids and also contains surprisingly high levels of the amino acid arginine, a metabolic precursor for the production of nitric oxide (NO), a molecule now recognized as a pivotal signaling messenger in the cardiovascular system that participates in the control of homeostasis, fibrinolysis, platelet and leukocyte interactions with the arterial wall, regulation of vascular tone, proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells, and homeostasis of blood pressure.

If you wondered if or why hemp oil is actually a true feeding trigger as well as a truly effective attractor here are some very strong reasons! Firstly, hemp seed oil actually has all the essential amino acids but more surprisingly, it is significantly high in a true carp feeding trigger, arginine (a metabolic precursor). This is important because it is converted to nitric oxide (NO,) in the body.

This particular molecule is very important indeed to me as a human and to carp, because it acts as a signaling messenger in the heart and blood supply system where it is used in controlling arterial wall interactions with platelet and leucocytes, controlling vascular tone, homeostasis, fibrinolysis, the positive growth of smooth vascular muscle cells and regulation of blood pressure as a whole! All these are addictive effects in carp and other fish and in humans.

For guaranteed quality hemp oil, one great source is Feedstimulants. An outstanding cumulatively acting and instant-acting liquid to use besides hemp oil is CC Moore Red Venom, (effective in all temperatures.) It contains a factor that enables the biggest creatures on earth, blue whales to attain and sustain such incredible size. There are benefits of including different forms of algae within your bait formulations and I recommend using both the Feedstimulant and CC Moore spirulina products alongside one another! (These contain all the attractive and fee-stimulatory amino acids carp are particularly sensitive to.)

Related to the impacts of hemp oil are certain impacts of garlic components. Garlic has been used as a carp attractor for decades. It is often used even more during cold weather periods. Its smell or taste really has very little significance compared to its internal impacts.

This is what I am most interested in and why certain flavours are merely useless labels or signals used for association, but lack real impacts such as the metabolism effects referred to here! The sulphur type compounds found in garlic may well have some positive relationship to the sulphur form amino acids which are so stimulatory to carp, but for very different reasons!

Some of the instinctive attraction of garlic to fish such as carp is the concentration of garlic allicin or garlicin it contains.

This attractor and palatability factor works not merely in the winter but all year round in a huge variety of bait formats and flavours and themes of baits without being over-powering.

This extract has truly active impacts on your fish even without them picking up any whole bait as they detect it via filtration feeding. One advantage of using such active substances is that you can use less bait yet catch more fish, due to the power of such components.

It is definitely best to use the most concentrated form of garlic possible for maximum effects! You can obtain the most uniquely concentrated garlic (in the form of garlicin,) from Feedstimulants (online!)

Fenugreek is a well known carp attractor and genuine active and palatability enhancing stimulatory bait additive. Fenugreek seeds contain a potent component which dramatically positively increases the direction of blood sugar to the muscles, instead of blood sugar being directed towards storage as glycogen in the form of fat mainly (around peripheral body storage zones outside of fueling the major organs!) This is just one outstanding reason why fenugreek is such an awesome carp bait additive. But fenugreek is best utilised in the most concentrated form possible, as opposed to whole fenugreek powder (often negatively oxidized.)

There is a superior alternative to exploit within all your baits, which is even better than fresh crushed fenugreek seeds. Thankfully you can now actually source pure fenugreek oleoresin from the new bait additive specialist, Feedstimulants (online!) The benefits of black pepper were described in my first ebook but now you can source the most pure and most concentrated form possible from a supplier that actually chose his products based on my ebooks i.e. Feedstimulants.

Therefore I am very pleased that Luc is supplying pure form black pepper, piperine. As an attractant this hugely potent additive additive is effective in promoting feeding activity in all conditions, (even in the lowest of winter temperatures!) It is a genuine big fish catcher! Each of these additives will improve your catches to a significant degree.

Personally my focus is on absolute optimization and maximisation of bait effects; for genuine maximisation of time on the bank in terms of big fish catch results (and teaching the art and skills and knowledge of how to do this!) This is a totally different goal and often a completely opposite goal compared to that of commercial readymade bait makers! Revealed in my unique ready made bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Source: www.askpaccosi.com

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