How to Get Money Fast (Even If You Don’t Have a Driver’s License) (By Luthando)

Are you tired of relying on Mom and Dad to fuel your allowance fee? Do you need to make some quick cash? Why not do something about it! You don’t need to have a driver’s license to make money. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make some quick cash without having to rely on your weekly chores.

1. Wash Cars: Just because you don’t know how to drive them doesn’t mean you can’t wash them. Start a neighbourhood car washing service. To make even more cash, opt to also include an inside vacuum and window washing service into your business.

Car washing is an annoying chore that most busy working adults are more than willing to pay you to do. SO take advantage of this and start scrubbing away.

2. Make Weekly Deliveries: Check the yellow pages or your local community advertisements for companies that may need a delivery person. Deliveries are easy to do and allow you to enjoy the sunshine. Ride your bike, roller blade or simply walk your way around the neighbourhood for cash.

3. Offer a Dog Walking Service: Many people are simply too tired after a long day of work to walk their pups. Offer to take the little fur balls off your neighbours hands for an hour and start up a dog walking business.

Collect as many dogs as you can, charge a fee and head to the park or around the block after school. The dogs and their owners will thank you! And so will your wallet!


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