How To Get Paid To Blog – 2 Secrets Of Getting Paid Big Money Just By AdSense Blogging (By Luthando)

Casual Bloggers Are Not Just Earning Peanuts!

So just what are the secrets of a big bucks blogger? How do they get paid to blog anyway while they are having fun and yet make a generous amount of income effortlessly?

If you can churn out some kind of story, content or written work of any kind I assure you that you can earn money doing this. Most get paid to blog resources revolve around the AdSense concept very popularly.

Secret 1: How To Boost Your Money Making Capabilities

Perhaps the only way you will ever really get readers to find your blog posts or content is to be able to write optimized, search engine friendly stuff. That means people will be able to find your blog posts faster.

If you have more people to click through your Google AdSense ads more often then you will need more people looking for you on the search engines. This requires a thorough research on good keywords.

Secret 2: Making Goals Based On Quality

Now, I’m sure you might even be tempted to flood you blog based on others articles and perhaps even from doing massive keyword stuffing. This is not the case.

You see, in order to make your blog post stand out among others you need to position it as different and unique. Sure you can get tons of content from articles but make sure that those are not “overused” articles.

You must always focus on the quality of your content if you are to have highly relevant Google AdSense ads that helps you to get paid to blog. That is your ultimate goal.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you want to be able to ad some other source of income to get paid to blog better in your site. This can include affiliate programs, contextual ads and even selling your own advertising space for more money. Stay focused on the right path and you will succeed.


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