Startup Ideas: Software Development (By Luthando)

Many people hold in their head an idea of passive income or self-employment at least. And most of them get stuck on the very first step – idea. They don’t know how to start, what to do. When you look around, it seems that all the ideas are already taken, everything possible is invented, even the sliced bread!

However, let’s see other examples. How about Google? When Google appeared on the market, there were already lots of search engines including old and massive ones who controlled the whole market. What did two students from Stanford University do? They just did the better search engine.

Firefox is another example. When guys from Mozilla decided to launch Firefox project, which had different name at that time, there did exist other Internet browsers that didn’t seem easy to compete with. Nonetheless, Firefox takes one of the leading positions on the market now. Why? It is better than its competitors.

How to start?

In this article we are talking about software development ideas. At first it seems very difficult or even unreal to find potentially good idea for your future startup. Don’t worry. The only thing you should start doing is observation. Start paying attention to all the software or services you are using at the moment. I’m sure you were already doing that before. You were even noticing what is good about particular software and what just freaks you out.

Here you go! Now you know what kind of software you would be glad to make perfect. Just keep writing out all the potential options that pop in to your head and eventually you will understand what is worth of your attention.

What if you are not software developer?

One option is to take a course in programming, become a software developer and do everything on your own. You will need lots of patience and time since it will take years. In addition your idea may become totally outdated by the time you will be ready to start working on it. Anyway, if you always wanted to know any of the programming languages, feel free to start studying. There will not be any better moment for it than it is now.

Another option, which I personally prefer, is to find a partner. There are many talented programmers who would be glad to join you and make your idea real. Most probably you have good skills in writing, managing or even design which may be helpful in user interface development or promotion of your software. There are loads of stuff should be done besides programming, be sure.

The third option is to hire software developer. In some way it is the same as partnership. The main difference here is financial liabilities. You just pay a programmer for particular job instead of sharing the ownership of your existing or future company. Sometimes this may help you to avoid big problems in future.

For software developers

The easiest and less expensive way for you is to make working version of the product on your own. It can be just very basic free version with limited functionality, but it should be working well and without bugs. After that you have better chance to find serious partners or even investors.


In this article I wanted to demonstrate the very basic possible steps of starting your own business. It shouldn’t necessary be a software. It can be any online or even offline service. When finding an idea, do not limit yourself with existing products. Despite the fact that “everything” is invented, from time to time conceptually new products and services appear. Sometimes, looking on the huge shelf of sliced bread, we wonder how such an idea could appear in the head of one man.


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