The Secret to the Law of Attraction is Feeling Good (By Luthando)

The “secret” to mastering the Law of Attraction is feeling good. This may not sound like much of a secret. In fact, it’s so simple and straightforward that it can easily slip right past us. It would be easier, in a way, if the secret were memorizing a long, difficult chant or mantra in an exotic foreign language while sitting in a special position with our hands clasped in exactly the correct position. This might be initially more difficult, but it would be more in line with the way our minds ordinarily work –master a hard task and get a result when you’ve completed it. Feeling good sounds simpler, but it can be tricky to master.

The other issue people have with feeling good to master the Law of Attraction is that it’s a bit of a Catch-22. In other words, you probably are interested in the Law of Attraction in the first place so you can improve your life –so that you will feel better. If you have to feel better first, how can you even get started? It’s a little like saying, “The secret to having enough to eat is finding a large bounty of food.” In order to get beyond this catch-22 dilemma, we have to look at it a little more closely.

Most people do not, in fact, want to master the Law of Attraction in order to feel better. Well, ultimately that’s what they want, but at a conscious level they think they want more money, an attractive lover, a better job or a brand new car. They focus on the physical manifestations rather than the feeling that they think they will get from these things. This is one of the major stumbling blocks in the process. For once we consciously understand that our real goal is to feel good, or be happy, then we are much closer to mastering this Law of Attraction “secret.”

While we can use the Law of Attraction to drastically improve any aspect of our lives, we cannot always directly impact physical reality. That is, we cannot simply snap our fingers and make a million dollars appear on the table in front of us. We can, however, with a little focus, put ourselves in a state of being that is abundant. In other words, we can make ourselves open to receiving a million dollars, or whatever it is we want. By trying too hard to manifest a specific physical event, object or person, however, we subtly but importantly misunderstand how the universe works and often slow down the process unnecessarily.

When we consciously put our intention on the goal of feeling good, or at least feeling better than we do right now, we are headed in the right direction. If, for example, you find yourself depressed over a lack of money, there are several ways you can react.

1) “I never have enough money.”

2) “Why don’t I ever have enough money?”

3) “I don’t have enough money right now.”

4) “How can I attract more money?”

5) “How can I feel more abundant than I do right now?”

6) “I am gradually feeling more and more abundant and magnetic to money and other good things.”

In the above, numbers 1 and 2 are not going to help you at all. They will only perpetuate your feeling of lack. Number 3 is not great, but it’s moving in the right direction. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are all helpful and pointing you towards a state of greater abundance.

Another thing you can see from this is that changing statements into questions can be helpful –provided they are positive questions! Never ask, for example, “Why don’t I ever have enough money?” There is no good answer to a negative question. When you ask a question, your subconscious automatically starts to look for an answer. So if you ask a question about why you are lacking in some way, as in #2 above, there is really no good answer. Whatever answer comes up, no matter how valid, you are still in the same state. On the other hand, if you ask a positive question, as in #4 above, you will start to generate helpful answers.

By focusing on how you feel, and on the words you speak to both others and yourself, you can begin to move in a more positive direction. This is how you start to master the secret of using the Law of Attraction by feeling better –so that you can feel better still.


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