6 Ways to Get a Free Online Tarot Reading (By Luthando)

Tarot readers and psychics are a dime a dozen these days, but finding a free reading online can be a challenge, unless you already know where to look. Often times, someone may not have the money to pay for a booking or to pay to speak to a Tarot reader, but using resources such as streaming video sites, social networks, and forums, can be helpful. We’ll also look at demo readings competitions and giveaways, and free minutes, so if you’re strapped for cash and in need of guidance, you’ll find all the information you need to get a reading done completely free of charge.

YouTube and Vimeo

These are just two of the sites that allow users to upload their own video files, and for someone in the know, these sites can be a goldmine of potential leads. Many tarot readers, professionals and amateurs alike, use video sites to expand their following and to build backlinks to their main sites.

Free online tarot readings is just one of the many topics, but you’ll find that many readers use this technique to showcase their reading skills to potential clients, so it’s fairly easy to find free readings on these sites. All you need to do is search for terms such as “Free Tarot”, “Free tarot reading”, “Tarot reading free” or “Tarot reading giveaway” and you’ll be given a long list of videos that match those terms.

Each reader will explain how and why they’re doing a free reading, so either check out the description or view the video to find out what you can do to get a free reading as well. Many tarot readers use this technique to build up content on their YouTube channels and will give away a free reading at least once a week.

Social Networks like Facebook

If you’re familiar with social networks, you may already be just a click or two away from one of the biggest free reading resources on the Net. Social sites not only connect people, but they also allow professionals to build an online presence and show case their offerings to potential clients.

This is where groups and pages come in handy. With a few simple search terms like “practice readings”, “free tarot reading”, “Tarot readers” etc, you’ll get access to groups where readings are either traded or given away for free.

The principle behind this is that each reader illustrates his or her abilities by reading for someone in the group, and even professionals use this tactic to get added exposure once in a while. So becoming a member and taking part in the discussions is one of the fastest ways to ensure you make friends in the right places and get access to free online Tarot whenever you want it.

Online Forums

Online forums are a little like social networking pages with the exception that each forum usually focuses on a particular topic or niche. Finding forums that are related to Tarot, divination, free readings, and so on can also give you access to free readings and to individuals who are either doing readings to get more experience or as promotion for their business.

The best way to go about it is to register, fill out your profile and ensure that you upload a picture as well. The more real your profile is, the better. Becoming a member of the community and contributing by replying to posts and starting new threads is another way to ensure you get accepted into the group and this also allows you to take part in any of the free reading offers. Like with any other online social networks, it’s all about getting to know people, so always ensure that you offer value to the forum and that you actively communicate and interact with the other members.

Demo Readings

This is another way to get access to free online tarot readings, and may be simpler than the other techniques. To do this, you’ll need to register at a video psychic or tarot site where readers are showcased via streaming chat.

With most of these sites, readers will be required to do a demonstration of their readings and this is where demo readings come in. Many of these sites require readers to do a certain number of demo readings while they are in free chat.

Ensuring that you are in a reader’s chat room when he or she has to go into demo mode, is the very first step. Secondly, interact with the reader to ensure that it’s someone you’d be comfortable getting a reading from, and participate in the discussion. The more pleasant you are, the better your chances of getting picked for a demo reading.

Alternatively, some readers may draw straws or ask the chatters to answer a question in order to choose the demo reading recipient. This is another fun way to choose who to read for and also gives the chatters an opportunity to participate in the process.

Online Giveaways

This is something you’ll most often see with professional readers or bloggers who are looking for ways to expand their audience. Competitions and giveaways are usually done with the requisite that each person who enters subscribes to the newsletter or the mailing list. This ensures that there is a benefit for the site or blog owner and allows them to market their services to targeted and interested parties.

Many readers will advertise their giveaways or competitions via video sites or social networks, so this is another option if you’re searching for free tarot readings. Be sure to follow the instructions for each entry, to ensure that your entry is valid and accepted. The format or requirements will vary from one site to the next, but the extra time will be well worth it should you win the free reading.

This is one of the better ways to get a free reading because you’ll most likely be dealing with a professional online tarot reader or psychic, and you’ll receive a full reading instead of a demo or taster reading.

Free Phone or Chat Minutes

Many phone or chat sites make free minutes available to new users, and you may find that you’re able to get anywhere from 3 to 6 free minutes with an online tarot reader or psychic of your choice, depending where you register.

Remember that in most cases, you have to be over 18 to use these sites and you may be asked to enter credit card information into the form when you register. This is to verify your age and you should not be charged for time on the phone.

A 3 to 6 minute reading is enough to answer a basic question or two but won’t give you the opportunity to have a complete reading done, so if you take this route, remember to keep your question brief and to decide beforehand what you would like to ask first.

These methods should get you a free reading when you’re unable to book a paid session, but always take the time to research the person doing your reading. Even on forums or social networks, it’s best to find out just how much experience the person has before trusting him or her to do your reading.

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