An Incredibly Simple Method to Start Making $1823,93 Monthly Selling eBooks With Article Marketing! (By Luthando)

Do you want to know how to make money online promoting eBooks with article marketing?

This is one of my best kept secrets, and I am going to reveal my entire step by step process in this article.

To achieve any kind of success on the Internet, it is very important to follow a blueprint. Especially when you are just getting started. Later on, you will be able to create your own method, but first, just follow someone who is already successful and copy his success.

Here is how I do it.

1. I start by writing a single article

Whenever I have a new eBook project in mind, I write an article and submit it. Then, I write more and more articles until I get thirty of them out there.

2. I build a list of subscribers

Once I write an article, I submit it to the directories and I this is where the most important part of the process start. My bio box point my readers to an optin form. Once they optin, I make sure to deliver content that help them to solve their problem.

3. I re-purpose these articles in an eBook

Occasionally, I will ask my subscribers what they want to learn, and I’ll make sure that some of their answers are full chapters in my book. Once I know what my subscribers want, I re-purpose all my previous articles to quickly create a short thirty pages PDF report.

The last step, as you probably guesses is the selling. Since I already built a list, all I need to do is to broadcast the eBook to my subscribers and add it to future messages.


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