Farmville Levelling Up – 6 Easy Ways to Level Up Consistently (By Luthando)

Every player has unique levelling up skills when it comes to Farmville so you have to make sure you have a nice technique too. You should play by the rules and level up honestly without recurring to hacks, bots or cheats, or else you are going to get banned from Facebook and consequently from Farmville.

1 – Play Farmville Consistently.
If you have a fixed routine playing Farmville and you log in and out on your computer at certain times of the day, that’s perfect to combine with the kind of crops you want to plant. If you are able to visit your farm and take care of it timely, then you can harvest your crops flawless and avoid withering.

2 – Choose Crops Carefully.
Farmville crops have different growing times, costs of production, different amount of XP points they can give you and different profits too. If you are accumulating XP points then you should choose the crops that can yield you more experience points in the shortest amount of time possible.

3 – Help Your Neighbours Daily
If you can help your neighbours, you will win more 5 XP points for each one. This will give you the chance to conquer the Good Samaritan Ribbons and win extra XP points and Farm coins.

4 – Earn As Many Ribbons As Possible
When you accomplish certain tasks you will win a Ribbon for them; this Ribbon awards you with Extra XP points and Farm coins.

5 – Hay Bale Trick
If you have enough money you can buy items such as the standard hay bale or the horse topiary just to win those extra XP points. For every hay bale you buy you win 5 XP and when you sell it you still make 5 farm coins. If you buy 1.000 hay bales it will cost you 100.000 coins but automatically you have accumulated 5.000 XP points. This is a stunning way to level up.

6 – Lock Your Farmer
You can lock your farmer in the place he shows up when you open your farm. You have to surround him with objects, normally hay bales, but you can also use message signs which are free, trees, fences, etc. Then when you click on your farm you will notice that your farmer is really trapped and the plowing, seeding and harvesting tasks will be done twice faster then before!


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