Networking Blues: I Can Not Manage My Networks (By Luthando)

Networking is a skill that requires a lot of time, planning and organization for it to be effective. Being efficient also involves correctly managing your contacts. It is important to not only attend events but nurture and grow relations. There are many tools and resources for leveraging networks and connections.

Listed below are simple tips for engaging and being responsive to your networks.

Digital Age

Lean on technology to keep your networks in order and productive. There are plenty of apps that you can download to stay consistent and available for your connections. Download and use apps that offers frequent updates and reminders about individuals in your groups. Reaching out to congratulate a counterpart on a promotion, anniversary or other achievement are excellent ways of staying in contact. Also, utilize apps that can be interconnected with other platforms that you use on a frequent basis.

Traditional Communication

Although, we are in the digital age, receiving a handwritten note or making a phone call are still good methods for reaching out. It shows sincerity and a genuine value for others. It can also catch the attention or be a pleasant surprise for the individual on the receiving end. Once again, setting up reminders to make these type of personal touch points can be extremely beneficial.

Outside Assistance

If things get too overwhelming, then consider hiring outside help. Invest in a virtual assistant who can manage your contacts and even increase your connections. Along with organizing information, meetings etc. the assistant can also provide services in editing, marketing etc. Outsourcing can also be beneficial in time management and allow you to focus on other tasks.

Use these valuable tips to scale your networking process and grow your connections. Being focused, organized and intentional about your endeavors provide great returns on your investments.


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