Scholarships For International Students (By Luthando)

If you have a dream to study abroad then getting a scholarship is often the only way that you’ll have enough money to pay for it. It can be extremely expensive to study in another country, but don’t become daunted because the potential experience you will gain is priceless.

Where to find Scholarship for International Students
One of the best places to start is with the International Scholarship Search. This is the best resource for international scholarship information and financial aid. You’ll find a massive list of grants, scholarships, loan options and much more that will assist you if you have plans to study overseas.

Some of the most sought after programs include:

  • Medicus Student Exchange (Switzerland)
  • Asian Cultural Council for Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Overseas Research Fellowship for Medicine and Health Sciences
  • PPGA Family Member Scholarship for Horticulture
  • Pestcon Graduate Study Fellowship for Chemistry

What About International Student Loans?
Most students will simply take out a loan as they think that getting a scholarship is too difficult. However you should think very carefully before taking out a loan because it will result in large amounts of debt for many years. On the upside though, the loan will cover all of your education and expenses.

Almost all schools will provide some scholarship opportunities to international students. But normally it is not enough to cover all educational expenses so it will be in your best interest to look for more than one scholarship, in order to receive as much money as possible.


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