Use Vending Charities And Don’t Pay Commissions (By Luthando)

When you start getting locations for your gumball vending machines you might be faced with paying commissions to the location.

I am telling you right now don’t.

You won’t be in business long splitting profits with the owner of the business you got your machine placed in. Out of all of my locations I do not pay any commissions, I use a charity.

Use a Charity
There are numerous charities throughout the country that have what they call vending programs. Basically you call them up and tell them that you want to be in their vending program. The charity will send you out a packet and all the information you need to fill out. You tell the charity how many gumball vending machines you have and they will send you out that many stickers.

So say you have 10 vending machines, they will send you 10 stickers to put on your vending machines. Now before they send those stickers out you will usually have to agree on how much a month you will pay for each sticker. For the most part it is usually between 1 and 2 dollars per sticker.

Pay the charity instead of high commissions
I pay a 1.00 per sticker. For example let’s say you have 10 gumball vending machines and you just picked the charity you will be using and you are locating the machines yourself. Well you go around town and find a location. You tell the man or women that you work with such and such charity and you give a portion of the proceeds to them. If they say yes you shouldn’t have to pay them any commissions because you give a portion of the money to charities.

So everybody wins you get a location, the owner feels good because he is helping out the charity by letting you put your vending machine in his or her business and the charity gets their money every month, and no commissions to the location. So all you have to pay is 1.00 per month per location. Not bad huh.

I feel bad 1.00 per sticker is not enough
The charity is making a lot of money don’t worry about them. If a charity has 30,000 vending stickers out there then the charity is receiving 30,000 a month on their vending program alone. So don’t think that you are scamming anybody you are really helping out the charity a lot.
Charities that have vending programs

American Association For Lost Children Inc. (AAFLC) is a unique International Christian Charity that actually finds and rescues missing children operating strictly on donations.

Vending contributions are essential to AAFLC’s on-going Program Services of Child rescues, enabling the recovery of more missing children. We offer t-shirts, brochures, and friendly support to help make your vending business a success!

American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc. We are a National Charity assisting challenged children, for over 15 years. We work closely with our vendors and provide everything they need to succeed.

Cancer Fund of America – Helping Cancer Patients and their families nationwide for over 20 years. Tax deductible. Aprrox. 91% of net proceeds spent on patient services!

The National Children’s Cancer Society’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer through financial and in-kind assistance. Our Gumball Vending Machines Program generates over $800,000 annually; 80% of N.C.C.S. income goes to help children battling cancer.

Project Hope is a vital source of income for Child Search Ministries; We do our best to provide vendors all they need, in support supplies, labels and vending tips!

Family Life International, Inc., a national 501(c)3 non-profit, with its Hugs Not Drugs and Grandparents Against Drugs projects, seeks to end the demand for drugs by early childhood education. Our Vending Outreach Program is excellent. See our Vending Times ad.


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