Budget-Friendly Tips to Success for Small Businesses (By Luthando)

Plenty of small businesses follow tips that cost less and are technology savvy. These multimedia tools to manage, promote and market their business, reduce expenses and increase their revenues. These tools can be easily accessed, user friendly and cheap or even free.

Google it

Google offers so many free services that can help small businesses. Google has a tool called Google Places that lets business owners register the services and products of their business in their database of your specific business. Once someone searches for these services and products locally, your business shows on the list. This service is a big hit with businesses that are after a local crowd.


Many sites online have templates and designs for flyers. Try going to sites like Microsoft and use the many different free templates that people made. Look for a design that fits your business. These templates have been preformatted so that they have a professional feel and look. This means that you don’t need to get a professional graphic artist that might cost a lot to make your flyers. Once you have a flyer, you can distribute these or even place them in bulletins.

Free hosting services

Save money and time by using Google Docs. This free service is made for small businesses and has tips on how to succeed. This service lets small business owners upload different kinds of notes and documents where people collaborate and share them. You don’t need to get hosting services to share important documents. The service is great since it tracks shearing which means it’s easier to manage.


If you are looking for people who have the same interest as you do, but do not know where you can find them, look for or make a group. Thanks to social networking sites, you can find people easier by making communities and groups in LinkedIn and Facebook. These social networking sites were made to get people connected with people who share the same traits, ideas, personalities, goals, etc… members of these groups are most likely interested in your business.

Virtual phone systems

You can set up virtual phone systems and make your very own advertising channel while saving money. So many virtual phone systems available today are affordable, flexible and user-friendly. With the correct leverage, a virtual phone system can take you very far. You can minimize the need of answering services, setting up multiple extensions and even provide better support for your customers and clients.

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