CeiAura Relief Chip Review: Can This Little Chip Really Eliminate Your Pain and Increase Your Energy (By Luthando)

CieAura Holographic Chip, Founded by Ken Rasner, and supported by a Management Team with over 100 years of experience in the Direct Sales industry, CieAura is a multi level marketing business that is based in the US. Their enterprise is dependent on the distribution of special “3D transparent holographic chips” which claim to have the capability to improve the well-being of the men and women that wear them. These chips are chemical free and they are non transdermal (nothing enters the body). That means that the chips are 100% safe. CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ are a revolutionary new technology combining holographic data storage and sophisticated homeopathic processes with Chinese medicinal practices devised over the past 3000 years.

CieAura™ has developed a distinctive and proprietary method of programming multi-layered Transparent Holographic Chips™, with VibraTec,™ an exclusive patent-pending technology that adhesives binds sound vibrations into the discs for the purpose of influencing the human energy field. Once applied, the body’s energy field triggers the release of these vibrations stored in the Energy Chip.

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips restore balance, allowing our body’s defenses to perform at their peak abilities and give the body renewed energy and stamina. In doing so, the best medicine for the body, the body’s own natural immune system, is working at capacity.

What are some of these Products:

  1. PURE ENERGY PLUS is not a burst of energy but a subtle increase of consistent energy, balance, and mental alertness all day long….naturally.
  2. PURE RELIEF: uses the body’s Natural Meridians and interacts with your body to rapidly reduce and eliminate discomfort and redirecting energy flow.
  3. REST QUIET: allows a complete deep rest without taking anything internally, so you get a Great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.
  4. SINUS ALLERGY RELIEF:reduces the effects of sinus allergies and colds through the natural balancing of the body’s energies. Finally, continuous relief without drugs and chemicals. The goal of CieAura is to give you an incredible product combined with a transparent business model that gives retailers the opportunity to build a business at any level that fits their individual desires.

CieAura provides a deep infrastructure designed to build continues income. All of this has developed a company with serious staying power and big plans for the future.. With this Management team’s experience, they know exactly what it takes and they have the Talent and Ability to create a “Billion” Dollar Industry.

CieAura Management Team has the full capability to managing the unrivaled expansion rate. Their focus is to bring Value to others through their products, and their vision is a global community of retailers whose lives are enriched because through CieAura they enriched the lives of others.
Below is a summary of the main points about the service and compensation plan:

  • The Focus of our company is our amazing products
  • The Culture of our company is giving those products away.
  • The Foundation of your Success is consistently providing
  • people the opportunity to try the products- just like specialty food stores in malls that give away free samples. They know once you taste their product you’ll become a customer. Many who use our chips will want to become a retailer and sell them, just like you. So by giving away chips as samples, you are well on your way to being successful in CieAura.
  • The CieAura Compensation Plan is designed to allow Immediate Income as well as Ensuring Long-Term Residual Viability.
  • A person becomes a CieAura Independent Retailer by completing the CieAura online application and purchasing a $39 Business Center (Non-refundable, Annual Fee). This new Retailer receives a CieAura website and is now qualified to purchase products at wholesale and sell them at retail.
  • Retail Profits
  • Preferred Customer Profits
  • First Order Commissions
  • Team Sales Commissions
  • Seven-Level Unlimited Matching Bonuses
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • Leadership Ranks, Rewards and Benefits Refer 2 people to the service.

Let’s Take A Look At The Pros and Cons Of CieAura:

The Highlights of CieAura:

Here is what made me take a closer look at the program:

You can read the CieAura sales letter all day, but until you actually hear about the system from someone you can trust, someone who has been on the inside, it’s hard to take it seriously. This is my honest Insider CieAura Review.

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to start a home based business with little money.
  • Ideal for marketers who are looking for an easy additional income stream.
  • Your company website is designed and ready for business the moment you become a member.
  • Complete, step by step, live and pre-recorded video training is provided to help anyone promoting and working theirCieAura business.
  • Serves as a great foundation for driven entrepreneurs to expand to other areas of marketing.
  • Because the niche is already chosen for CieAura, there is no need for market research as to what to sell and promote.
  • CieAura has built-in principles to reward the part-time and first time retailers as well as attracting the experienced business minded individuals who are looking for a six-figure income monthly.
  • CieAura works on a system of duplication: if one person can do something to succeed, then others can do the same thing to recreate their success.
  • As a CieAura independent retailer, you are an entrepreneur who, from day one, has a distinguished research and development team, a fantastic product, a fully staffed sales and marketing team and a friendly customer support staff dedicated to your success.
  • CieAura has One-Time Start Up Fee and $39 Annual Fee For The Purchase of Your Business Center (non-refundable, Annual Fee).



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