Hypnosis and Social Media (By Luthando)

When Geocities was founded in 1994, it was one of the web’s pioneering social networking sites. Then there was Friendster founded in 2002 with 90 million users, MySpace in 2003 with 260 million users, Facebook in 2004 with 600 million and Twitter in 2006 with 190 million users. With the advent of this technology, social media has become a trend that marketing professionals are able to use to their advantage.

For instance, those whose interest is into learning hypnosis and its basics, will be able access the information needed by typing key words “Hypnosis” or even download audio or video files by putting “free downloads hypnosis” as key words on the search engine. A number of links and options will then come up for the end user’s reference. Easy, is it not?

There are a number of social media and forum sites dedicated to a certain group with the same interests. Information can be freely accessed online, exchanged with someone from a thousand miles away in a mouse’ click and spread throughout the globe in minutes. There are sites that provide free downloads,

Hypnosis online tutorials and even a directory of hypnotherapy clinics readily made available. With over two billion internet users daily, including a number of hypnosis enthusiasts, networking and referrals are now considered reliable sources. Hence, for those uploading files for free downloads hypnosis self-help kits, and video tutorials, social media is being utilized as an excellent tool.

On the other hand, Social Media Marketers have adopted some hypnosis techniques in online marketing. For example, a stage hypnotists finds time to search for an audience with a suggestible personality whom they can bring on stage to participate, and this is as well applied in strategic online marketing through viral marketing such as requesting end users to enter their mailing addresses and join a mailing list, forward emails, re-tweet links and give reference email addresses of friends or colleagues.

In hypnosis, the three rules of being positive, detailed and specific are applied to social media as well. A professional hypnotherapist assisting a subject with the purpose of alleviating a phobia, repeatedly says “You are not afraid” to the subject, and so as online marketers tirelessly send email flyers, slide shows and profiles to end users.

Given all the resources and the power of the internet, topics relating to hypnosis and perhaps others that may interest the end users can be learned online through self study. Google has become our best friend, while hard copies of books in libraries become obsolete. There’s virtual learning, e-books, virtual dating, online jobs, and even online hypnosis!

The challenge here lies in determining which sources are accurate and reliable; and this is where social media marketing plays a vital role. End users read reviews and comments from other end users as one of their preferred options to verify information. Personal experiences written in testimonials, blogs and reviews from individuals are more effective these days than commercialized ads.

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