Low-Cost SEO Done Effectively (By Luthando)

SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

Using the best benefits of a well optimized site will mean lots of traffic for the internet marketer. However optimizing a site could cost you thousands of dollars especially if you do not have that particular skill.

Truthfully speaking you could probably get information about low-cost or low-budget SEO almost anywhere over the Internet. But you have to be careful of some of these resources because most of the time only a few of them were actually worked out to be an affordable search engine optimization strategy. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to gain SEO knowledge at no cost to you must pay attention.

1. Link exchanges

A good way to accomplish cheap SEO is to the method of link exchanges or reciprocal links linking to and from other websites and directories. Depending on the websites or directories that you choose to link to this particular strategy may cost you absolutely nothing. You could just contact the author also or webmaster of the site of the directory who want to have a link exchange. Because all exchanges are not created equally you should be very careful as to the page rank of the sites you exchange links with because the goal here is to create a spike in your ranking.

2. Write or have someone else write keyword rich articles

Writing informative and keyword rich-articles is a very good way of bringing your Internet business to the attention of the Web consumer. You can write the articles or have someone else write the articles for you or post articles on your website from article directories which allow you to do so as long as you keep the author information about line and or the authors Reese resource box. Be careful not to overdo your keyword content when writing articles always try to remember your writing for people not search engines.

3. Create a catchy domain name

Visitors will remember your website much better if you have an easy to recall domain name. This name should be something that reflects your product or service, make it as short as you can do something that your customers will remember and this will help in assisting you to get targeted visitors to your site. To register your website may cost money however, being creative is absolutely free.

4. Make sure your site is visitor friendly

Provide your visitors with a website that is easily navigated full of interesting content and rich in the topics that they came to your site to get in the first place. If you provide your visitors with a nicely organized site that is easily navigated they would be at ease and enjoy the site thoroughly this could be invaluable to you.

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