Make Money Writing Articles – Earn 9k Monthly (By Luthando)

Not many people are very good at writing, for one simple reason. People are under the illusion that, to be a good writer you need to have impeccable grammar or perfect English mechanics. All of the most entertaining, informative, and successful writers have one thing in common: they write from the heart. It’s not about being an English major, if you enjoy writing and you write with your own style, you will be successful, period.

Being a good writer isn’t usually what stops people when it comes to getting paid for there skills. No one knows where to go or how to get paid for these talents. There are a variety of methods, ranging from applying for a job as an editor for an online/offline magazine/newspaper etc. to various forms of “Pay per article” submission websites. I’m here to tell you, the #1 way to make money for writing articles is article marketing.

Article marketing is a method you learn that you apply to your writing. It includes various SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is a fancy term to describe how you get your articles to show up well on Google. It also includes basic marketing principles, as well as a blend of some psychology and advertising trends.

Once learned though, your published articles will earn on average 20-30$ a month, for every 300 word article. Imagine you spend a day writing 10 quality 300 word articles, and you have mastered article marketing. That’s roughly $2,000 – $3,000 per month, every single month. That’s good money for simply just writing articles. The best part is, the articles continue to generate income even when you’re sleeping or on vacation!

I don’t feel bad about being lazy any more, or sleeping in, or just spending my time watching goofy videos on youtube, because I have found this wonderful career. Article marketing earns me roughly $9,000 – $10,000 per month, without a drop of work. Grab the free guide below and find out how you can make money writing quality articles.


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