Organo Gold Compensation Plan Dissected? Earn Money Today (By Luthando)

So if you’re at this juncture, it’s probably for the reason that you are either involved with Organo Gold, or you’re looking at it as a way to generate a supplementary income, and as well, to understand the organo gold compensation plan to create a noteworthy six and seven figure income in Organo Gold.

You know… Many people get crazy about the comp plans in network marketing, when really they ought to be all ears on how in the world do I promote this business online and offline effectively. I mean really learning and using an MLM marketing system to cut down the time that is exhausted in malls and shopping centers!

Don’t get me wrong… You do need to understand the compensation plan,

But please don’t negate the fact that we are in network (MARKETING.)

O.K… So let’s keep moving!

The Organo Gold Compensation Plan has 7 ways to get paid.

1. Retail Sales (Weekly)– Here’s where the fast money is created for your enterprise. You have the ability to set a mark up of 50%-100% or more on products that are retailed.

2. Fast Start Bonus (Weekly)– Every time you introduce this business and you launch someone in their own home based business, the company pays you a bonus for your efforts, based on the level that they are enrolled.

Bronze Product Pack $199.00 ($20.00 Bonus)

Silver Product Pack $499.00 ($80.00 Bonus)

Gold Product Pack $1295.00 ($150.00 Bonus)

3. Dual Team Commissions (Weekly)– Here is where it gets exciting because they always say your in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Well in The Organo Gold Compensation Plan it’s no different. Because of the binary structure in the pay plan, you not only are able to be assisted in building your business, but you can earn up to 20% based on your smaller legs volume.

4. Uni-level Commissions (Monthly)– As your organization continues to reorder, this bonus is paid out on an ongoing residual basis. This uni-level structure allows compensation to 9 levels deep with compression earning between 3% and 5% on all levels.

5. Uni-level Matching Bonus (Monthly)– As you help to guide those that are in enterprise with you, you earn a matching bonus of 20% on the first level and 10% on an additional 3 levels.

6. Generational Bonus (Monthly)– This is earned as you develop leaders who are Sapphires and above and can earn up to a total of 14% and up to Four Generations of Leadership Bonus.

7. Global Pool Bonus (Quarterly)– As you reach the level of Ruby and beyond, you are given an opportunity to share in the companies worldwide revenue. Which is 3% of Organo Gold’s total Worldwide Uni-level Commissionable Volume or CV. (Currently in 8 different countries.)

So there it is, the organo gold compensation plan is structured to help those just getting started in enterprise and now those that are looking at Organo Gold kinda have a better picture of how you can develop a significant six and seven figure income.


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