The Importance of Remembering Birthdays (By Luthando)

As fantastic as it would be to have a perfect memory and the ability to instantly remember dates, names, and numbers, for most people it simply is not going to happen. The majority of people are not able to remember many details. This is especially true when it comes to birthdays.

Most of us are able to remember the birthdays of close family members and our significant others (hopefully), but when it comes to friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and our boss, it is usually a different story.

Often, we never get much of a chance to find out their birthdays to begin with. Then if we happen to hear the date in passing, we will usually forget about it by the time it comes around. This is too bad, considering people generally love to be recognized on their birthdays. Friends like to know that you care about them, co-workers will feel that you respect them, and bosses will be impressed.

If you take the time to find out your boss’s birthday and get them a card or a small gift to celebrate, they will be very pleased with you, and impressed that you took the initiative to recognize them on their birthday.

Fortunately, you don’t have to dig around in their desk or ask their friends or family members about their birthday. You can go online and instantly look up the birthday of anyone you know in just a matter of minutes! It sounds unbelievable, but it is a very simple and straightforward process that anyone can do.


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