A Guide on One Way Cab Service in India (By Luthando)

The transport industry in India is steadily growing with taxi services being offered by some mobility-business companies. The availability of online booking for cabs has even made it easier to acquire customers and flourish this business.

However, lack of passengers during a cab driver’s return journey has caused some firms and drivers to have a two-way payment policy. Yet, this policy can be very discouraging to travelers and most will often seek other less expensive modes of transport.

Therefore, the introduction of a one-way cab services is a big step that seeks to attract passengers to choose to travel by cab in India. This effort is also in a bid to enhance the earning capacity of both drivers and the companies they are affiliated to by filling the gaps in the demand and supply of the market.

Understanding the benefits of one way cab service
In order to travel safely, conveniently and efficiently, as a traveler you should look for taxi service options that offer you these benefits. One way cab rentals have much to offer to both passengers and the drivers.

This mode of transportation guarantees customers the payment of half-journeys. Travelers do not have to worry about paying double the fare amount. Therefore, this ensures that they will enjoy the benefits of taxi transportation despite their travel distance.

Availability of clients
Drivers offering one-way cab services are able to get a steady flow of clients as compared to those charging for the return journey as well. Travelers will often seek the most convenient means of transport that will guarantee affordable pricing.

Inter-city and outstation service
The benefit of one-way taxi service is that it can easily be used for inter-city or outstation service. When travelers pay half the rate pricing, which is for only one half of the journey, they can easily access these services regardless of the distance to be covered.

Market growth for one-way
From several studies, the Indian taxi market is about $9 billion and forecasts show that it will continue to grow with time. One-way cabs offer a huge flexibility and cost advantage and have therefore experienced a steady growth in the market. Booking for one-way is also made available at all times and also for last-minute connectivity and hence many travelers prefer this method. In India, over 1,400,000 customers are registered with one-way travel services while many others have the travel app downloaded in their mobile phones.

Despite this, one-way mobility service providers seek to expand this business to cover more ground in the market. With a high taxi demand this serves as a potential for growth. Most of these firms have invested in upgrading their technology, expansion and hiring processes.

Challenges the service faces
Driver training
Since this is a travel job, most one-way cab companies face the challenge of acquiring drivers and training them to be professional in customer handling. Improper training or lack of training thereof, reflects back to these companies and leads to customer dissatisfaction and a poor rating.

However, this challenge is being overcome through ensuring driver engagement and also finding ways to train the drivers such as sending short training videos or guide manuals to the drivers affiliated to these companies.

Despite their pricing offer for one-way payment, firms providing this mode of transport service face competition from the traditional taxi services – which charge the going and return journey. This can be due to traditional modes of transport having better reviews online and also since one-way is a recent introduction to the market and may not be as popular.

Fewer vehicles
One way cab service providers may be under a shortage of taxi vehicles in a very high taxi-demanding market in India. However, one-way travel firm providers are putting higher funds in expansion so as to cater for their client’s needs.

Future development?
The expansion of the taxi business in the internet has led to actual growth of this industry in India. Taking advantage of internet use and improving on their technology, bookings and customer care support service is a major objective for inter-city cab firms to undertake in future developments.

Improving their taxi appearance to make it more suitable for customers is also a factor of developing on this business. Such changes are such as improving the air conditioning in the taxi, installing GPS tracking devices, improving on the fare meters and general taxi maintenance.

Some firms seek to hire more drivers and offer quality training to enhance customer satisfaction when travelers use one way mode of transport.

Some firms are also seeking to make future developments by improving one-way cab service awareness to under-served markets in order to create stronghold areas.

One way cabs in India have a brighter future since they are affordable and have a better pricing for inter-city travels than traditional cabs. The coverage of one way cab service is across more than 440 routes in India. Some firms seek to expand on the routes so as to provide their services to more customers. In this way, the firms offering inter-city or outstation one way services will continue to thrive.

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