Global VIP Launch Review (By Luthando)

Read this Global VIP Launch review if you are considering signing up with this new online network marketing company. They will not be fully up and running until March 2011 however you can currently join for free and start building your downline. Let’s see if that would make good sense.

The company’s top-notch website encourages people to sign up for free and to start promoting this program to as many people as you possibly can. The idea being that the more people you have in your downline who upgrade to the paid membership after their March opening, the more money you will make providing you also upgrade at that time. You will earn between $25 and $245 when someone you personally referred upgrades to the paid level. You will also receive up to $8 residually from every member in your team.

At this point the Global VIP Launch website is quite vague when it comes to specifics. For example the products will be health and wellness related however the names of specific products are not given. They mention that some of the benefits from using one of their products will be: anti aging, immune system health, stress reduction, sleep aid, depression relief and aid in sexual function. They say that 85% of the world already consumes an inferior product. This is all well and good; I just wish they could use more specifics.

The company is supposedly aliened with a 30-year-old billion dollar a year company however again no name or hint to what that company may be was given. It is also a mystery how much it will actually cost to upgrade your membership. It is known that you will receive a company replicated website when you sign up for free. Also given the fact that there is mention of residual income would lead me to believe that there will be a monthly product purchase requirement.

I believe that the Global VIP Launch more than likely will prove to be a legitimate business opportunity. I would however question whether you would want to take the time and effort to promote a program that you know very little about even though it is currently free to sign up. However if you feel comfortable doing this, having the ability to drive massive amounts of traffic to your Global VIP Launch website would make building a huge free downline a breeze.

Learning how to successfully market on the Internet is a process, not rocket science. There aren’t any safely guarded secrets although many would have you believe that there are. If you are willing to put forth a consistent effort toward learning it, you most definitely will be successful at it.


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