SEO Tools – 10 SEO Tools You Must Know (By Luthando)

This article contains a list of SEO tools you must know to practice SEO in a meaningful way.

This list is a mixture of web based tools, Firefox extensions and desktop software.

1. Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool: This is a free keyword suggestion tool to find keyword search count in Google.

2. Google Insights: This tool tells you what people are searching in a particular niche. This tool can be used for keyword research.

3. Google Trends: This is similar to Insight, but there are few differences. Google Trends only shows trends and areas where people are searching. In addition, Insight provides keywords/rising search terms related to the topic.

4. Google Webmaster Tools: This is a free tool for webmasters. It contains the below features.

a. Can verify the site statistics.

b. Can check and set the crawl rate.

c. List of internal and external pages linking to the site.

d. Can see how Google indexes your site.

e. Submit a sitemap.

f. Generate a robots.txt file.

5. Google Website Optimizer: This tool tests different versions of your live site and will report the points leading to higher conversion rate.

6. Pingdom Tools: Pingdom provides “Full page test”, “Ping and Traceroute” tools for webmasters.

7. Social Media for Firefox: This Firefox extension helps you submit stories to social networking sites Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and

8. Rank Tracker: This tool tracks the search engine rankings of your pages and keywords. You can sign up for email alerts to receive ranking changes for your pages.

9. Google Analytics: This tool provides detailed statistics of visitors of a website. This can be used by webmasters, marketers.

10. SEO for Firefox: This tools pulls in useful marketing data points to easily view competitive landscape of a market directly in the search results.

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