Seriously Need Money Now? Tips on How to Earn Big Money Online (By Luthando)

The tough economy and the drive to want all the things we can’t afford seems to leave many of us in financial ruts. So, instead of moping about how your day to day job just doesn’t seem to be enough, why not get a second job instead? Of course there won’t be time when you already have a 9-5 job, but with the way technology works these days, you can earn some big bucks online, and from home too! Here are a few pointers to help you with the idea of earning an income online.

There are quite a few ways to earn money online, the two most common would be by working and by selling. Yes, you read that right, you can sell online too! Think about how many people shop online these days, you can be a seller instead of a buyer. If you’re not interested to get stock at factory price and sell them at retail prices to make a profit, you can simply scout around your house for items that you no longer use but are in good condition and sell them. Start a thread on a community forum or open an account on eBay and label your goods as ‘used’ or ‘secondhand’. Besides that, you can also sell collectibles if you can part with them, as they are usually worth quite a lot.

Besides that, you can start your own freelance job and advertise your services on forums, job listing sites and so on. Freelancing can be for quite a number of jobs, so think about what you enjoy doing first and see if you can make a career out of it. There are freelance writers, graphic designers, picture editors, proof readers, translators, data entry jobs and the list goes on. See if your passion lies in any of these areas and maybe you can make some money by doing what you like.

In addition to that, another way to earn some good cash online would be to join as many survey sites as possible. This is an incredible ways to make money as it requires little to no effort at all. Once you have registered with all the sites that you want, they would send a notification to you via email when a new survey is up and you can choose to do it or not. The more surveys you do, the more money you make. But do check on the payment as not all surveys pay cash as some would gift you with store and brand vouchers instead.

Furthermore, if you’d like to become an online expert then create a profile on ‘Just Answer’ and pick a category you would like to participate in. once you’re done, you would have to answer a series of ten questions, pass the little test and you would be given the chance to answer quite a lot of questions, each with cash rewards!

The possibilities for an online income is quite amazing, so put on your thinking cap and pick a place on the internet to start making some big bucks!


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