Speedway Gas Card For All Occasions (By Luthando)

The Speedway gas card is not just for purchasing gas. You can use your cards for any of the items in the mart. You can choose the Speedway SuperAmerica credit card, SuperFleet card, Speedway SuperAmerica MasterCard or even the Speedy Cash Prepaid cards. If you use gas cards from Speedway, you can easily track all of your purchases and keep receipts for tax time. Because there are different types of gas cards, you can choose the one that will offer you the best return. After all, if you spend money it is nice to receive some rewards either at the pump or in the store mart.

MasterCard – Speedway SuperAmerica Card

You can use this card to pay for purchases, and when you can combine this card with your Speedy Rewards card, you gain an extra forty reward points for every dollar you spend. These points are in addition to the base points that you earn just for using your gas card. Then if you use your card anywhere MasterCard is accepted, you earn ten points for every dollar you spend. This makes this particular Speedway gas card exceptional for earning points every time you use it. You will see your reward points add up monthly.

Credit Card – Speedway SuperAmerica Card

This credit card has no annual fees and an online payment page. You can sue this card at over sixteen hundred locations. The Speedway gas cards are good for purchasing gas or merchandise from any Speedway or SuperAmerica gas stations. You can receive a credit line up to one thousand dollars.

The SuperFleet Credit Card

These cards are good at Marathon gas stations and Speedway stations. Over six thousand locations accept these cards. There are no annual fees or monthly fees. If you have one vehicle or a hundred vehicles, this Speedway gas card is a great way to track all the purchases from every vehicle. You can design the terms of these cards to suit your needs.

The Prepaid Cards

If you prefer not to have a credit card, you can have a prepaid gas card that is available at over sixteen hundred stations. These cards are only for gas purchases or food and merchandise. You choose the amount that you want the Speedway gas card to be good for and when it is gone, you can recharge the prepaid card for further use. There are two different Speedway gas cards. There is one for gas and another for food and merchandise, excluding alcoholic beverages.

Whether you want a credit card, gas card or a prepaid card, Speedway gas cards are the way to go. You can use them for gas purchases or other merchandise. If you combine them with your reward club cards, they provide more advantages. The card applications are available online or at any station in your area. Credit cards will require a credit check, but the prepaid cards do not. When you sign up for the gas card, you should sign up for the rewards cards at the same time and enjoy the rewards.

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