The Infamous XBox RRoD – Is There a Permanent Fix to This Red Circle of Death? (By Luthando)

The XBox RRoD, the red ring of death, red circle of death, error e74, 3 red lights, general hardware failure, are all words for the same super frustrating problem for XBox 360 gamers. It is a problem that even gave rise to a lawsuit!

If your XBox 360 is suffering from this, then I feel for you! It is very frustrating as you can’t play your games until it is fixed.

Some people have even gone through 6 XBoxes to still be left with another XBox dead with the red circle of death.

So, what can you do if you are hit with the XBox RRoD?

Because of this problem, Microsoft has extended their warranty. So, if yours is still under warranty, then that is the best route to take. After all, it is free! It might take about 4 weeks, but, hey, free is free!

Now, if yours is out of warranty, what recourse is there for you?

Well, you could send it back to support. It costs about $140 for them to send you back a refurbished unit in about 4 weeks time.

What you should NOT do is to follow one of those free methods you might have encountered when searching for an XBox RRoD fix on the internet.

Why is this?

One common free method out there is the towel method which can do far more damage to your XBox! The reason being that the towel method works by super over heating the XBox 360. If you think about it, wrapping an over heated XBox 360 is just asking for trouble. You could end up with a fried circuit or even a fire!

That’s not what you want.

The best way to fix the XBox RRoD if you don’t feel like sending it back to support, is to get one of the guides available on the internet that will teach you how to fix the red circle of death or the red ring of death safely and permanently.


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