Download PS3 Games Right Now (By Luthando)

Download PS3 games may well be the answer to most PS3 owners woes about the price of games etc. In this era of superfast internet and on demand content for just about anything, it seems only right that you can download PS3 games. Check out this article to find out how…

Before you can download PS3 games, there is something you may want to take into account – there is no one definitive method of hacking or “cracking” the firmware in the PS3 to enable you to play copied or backed up games with it. Sony’s reasoning for this is obvious – games developers lose millions every year to hackers and game piraters all over the world – do you really expect them to help you download PS3 games through channels other than the official ones?

That’s another point worth considering, the official Sony methods to download PS3 games work pretty well. You get a good deal and usually a pretty fast download. True, you are left without a box or actual disc for your download, but then you don’t need to leave the house to get it. Swings and roundabouts as they say. For me, downloading my PS3 games directly from Sony is an excellent alternative, and one I recommend.

Sony have also been clever enough to hamper the arguments of those difficult customers – the ones that insist they only want to download copies of games they already own, as a backup. Or even worse, people that want to burn the games they have downloaded onto a disc, in the event something happens to their hard drive.

Sony have seen to it that when you pay to download PS3 games through their own official service, you actually pay for a package of downloads. For example if you paid them to download Devil May Cry 4, you may find that you are allowed to download it five times. This means that if you do have any hard drive problems, or even if you just run out of space, you can get rid of any of the games that came from their official download service, safe in the knowledge that you can download those particular PS3 games again, potentially another 4 times. A smart move.

But what of all the rar and zip files you see available for download on torrent sites? Why are they there if you can’t download them? Well the truth is you can download them. It’s getting them to work which is the real trick. It’s long been possible to download PS3 games in this manner, but until there is a definitive way of accessing the firmware to the console, then all you will have is data on a disc

Hopefully this article will help you realize that download PS3 games instead of buying them in a store is a reasonable alternative. Click the links below to see some of the best download sites on the net.


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